Essay writing is one of the most common academic writing type that you are tasked with throughout your academic studies. Essay writing is a craft that can be improved with practice and heeding good advice. Many people complain about being stuck and being unable to improve their writing. Such is their frustration at times that they end up asking others: Help me “write essay for me”. Little do they know that instead of going for dramatic changes in their essay writer, they can work their way up by focusing on the easier ones first. 

There are lots of ways to improve your essay and academic writing, and the following are ones that require less effort to tweak but give you manifold benefits.


Use punctuations well

Punctuations can be your friend in helping you communicate complex arguments and information. The use of the colon, for example, can help you provide emphasis on the subject. Moreover, the semicolon can help you relate two sentences that are connected to essay writing service; Whereas, the inverted commas help you inclose text borrowed from a source.


Use technical language

Each discipline has terms and words that have a specific meaning for that discipline. Likewise, there is also a writing style specific to each. While writing on a topic, demonstrate your knowledge of the technical terms, and use them appropriately in the text.


Active Voice 

The use of active voice cannot be emphasized enough. Always make sure that the subject is doing the action. A good way for you to ensure good active writing it to avoid ‘to-be’ verbs ( is, was, and have been, etc).


Avoid the impersonal writing style

When writing the write my essay you should keep your writing objective. There should not be any emotional cues or expressions to throw the reader off of the topic at hand. You should focus on the subject and the evidence supporting it instead of how you feel regarding it.


Keep the writing formal

The word choice of informal writing is important. There is a whole list of words and phrases that come under the informal umbrella, for whom there are formal substitutes. Informal words such as ‘bring about’, ‘totally’, or ‘in a nutshell’ instead of the formal ‘cause’, ‘completely’ or ‘in summary’. You shouldn’t use contractions and neither should you opt for words at the extremes of the emotional spectrum.

You should stay clear of the first and second-person voice as it naturally leads to informal writing. 


Employ a sentence variety in the sentences

The essay will seem choppy and monotonous if you stick to one sentence structure. You should have a mix of compound, complex, and linked simple sentences. Make use of each of the sentences. 


Make use of Conjunctions

Subordinating and coordinating conjunctions are useful for connecting the message in paragraphs and sentences. They help the readers navigate through the essay. Used in the right place they will make the essay flow smoother.


Avoid repetitions

The space in the essay is precious, and, you should use each sentence to further your argument. Review your essay for repetitions and cut them out.


Know the types of academic writing

There are various academic writing styles such as critical and descriptive. Use the particular writing styles for different writing prompts, or learn when to change the writing style for specific parts of the essay.


Read other essays

A good way to improve your overall writing is to read another academic online essay writer. These can be from published authors, scholars, or can be from your peers. Try to find the sample essays for the topic at hand and try to find and read the essays that have received a higher grade. 

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