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Re-sorting QuickBooks lists can be simple as it seems. But, it is considered as the effective way to fix numerous issues for QuickBooks running on Windows or Mac. It’s none other than a trick that Pro Advisors have been familiar with since many years. So, as we move further, let’s look at the various problems. If an error persists with the accounting software, then you can contact the support team on the QuickBooks customer support number.


Quite often, you might need to re-order lists because the list is not in order or when the new entries are visible at the top. Besides, it may be necessary to organize the list because the ‘auto-fill’ feature is not working properly. In such a scenario, any QuickBooks user can re-sort the list. This implies that you don’t have to be logged into the admin account. There might be an instance when QuickBooks can sort the list automatically. But, in case you choose to re-order the list all by yourself, then you would be unable to retain the changes.


How To Maintain A List Of Customers, Vendors, And Employees


Most of the time, QuickBooks maintains a list comprising of names of customers, employees, and vendors. Even though it’s easy to sort the list once again, the task might be a little tricky. So, the simplest way may be to open the ‘Write Checks’ window, hover the mouse on the ‘Pay to the order of’ field, and go to the master list by pressing CRTL and L. Once the master list appears on the screen, you can select the ‘Include Inactive’ checkbox, click the ‘Name’ button, and proceed with the ‘Re-sort List’ option.


In case the user account doesn’t have the permissions, then the task could be accomplished by the ‘Make General Journal Entries’ window or the ‘Time/Enter Single Activity’ window. This helps you re-order every kind of list.


How To Maintain The Chart Of Accounts, Payroll Items, And Other Lists


Once you to the Lists menu, the items can be sorted by checking the ‘Include Inactive’ option, clicking on the ‘List’ button, and then choosing the ‘Re-order list’ option. In case the ‘Re-order list’ option is not available, then you need to go to the View menu that appears in the main menu bar.


How To Maintain Memorized Reports


Once you go to the main menu bar, you must select ‘Reports’ followed by ‘Memorized Reports’. Once you select the relevant list, click on the ‘Reports’ button and choose ‘Resort list’.


When you are using QuickBooks on Mac, then the steps are very much similar that you would follow for the Windows OS.  Once you go to the master name list, open the ‘Write Checks’ window, hover the mouse on the field by the name, ‘Pay to the Order Of’ and press the ‘Command key + L’ together. Before re-ordering the list, ensure that all the items are selected from your end. Later, you have to go to the ‘Edit’ menu and select ‘Re-sort List’. Similarly, you need to select All accounts from the Chart of Accounts, Class List and the Item List. Dial the QuickBooks helpline number, 1-877-227-2303 if you facing issues of using the software on Mac.


Hope you have learnt how to re-order lists in QuickBooks. Do share the articles with your team members in case it’s useful. If you need assistance for anything else, do contact us right away.


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Jennifer Scott is an IT analyst who works closely with the QuickBooks support team. Apart from drafting blogs and articles related to QuickBooks, he is passionate about writing on a variety of topics. Visit this website for getting Quickbook payroll support.

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