According to a survey conducted by a well known institute, it was found out that almost 50% of small scale businesses experience a breach of private data. While these owners are aware about the consequences, most of them don’t take action.


Numerous steps can be taken to protect customer data as well as sensitive business information. So, in order to reduce the risks of data breach, here’s what you need to follow. Even if you are a QuickBooks user, you should understand the practices for protecting the data or seek assistance from the QuickBooks customer support team.


Enable Activity Tracking


Apart from its amazing features, QuickBooks offers a host of tools to protect files and data. The ‘always-on Activity Log’ option keeps a track of all user logins and activities carried out on the platform. On the other hand, the Audit Trail feature can help in monitoring transactions by knowing about the record specific changes. Such features can either be disabled in QuickBooks Desktop or can be set in QuickBooks online. In the end, the user won’t be disturbed or distracted by anything when the record activity needs to be tracked.


Update The Software


If you are using QuickBooks Desktop quite frequently, then ensure that you update the software on a regular basis. While QuickBooks online can be updated from the server’s end, desktop users need to identify issues and find a solution through patches offered by the developer. Most of the time, there isn’t any need to update QuickBooks. But, since it is a critical step for ensuring data security, desktops users shouldn’t forget to update the accounting software.


Use QuickBooks Online


Unlike the desktop version of the bookkeeping software, QuickBooks Online is based on the cloud. This actually means that the information would be stored on some other location and is easily recoverable in case of a malware attack, or a virus. Additionally, the cloud server is monitored round the clock as the QuickBooks team keeps a tab on everything. One you seek help from the professionals, it’s easier to detect performance issues which would otherwise be tough if users are using the software within the network.


Customize Permissions


QuickBooks online gives you an opportunity to offer access to multiple users at the same time. But, when data security is concerned, you should be wise enough to give access. Make sure you are smart is customizing the permissions associated with QuickBooks Online. When every employee in your organization is restricted to access various functions, there are less chances of the data to be used in an unethical way.


Finally, you should not hesitate to purchase antivirus softwares and update the applications on a regular basis. Keep in mind that the password for every user should be a combination of special characters, numbers, and upper as well as lower case alphabets. In case if you fail to create strong passwords, then an anonymous data can misuse the files and data stored in QuickBooks.


Dial the Quickbooks helpline number, 1-877-227-2303 to know more about QuickBooks and the effective ways in which you can protect files and data.


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