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QuickBooks open platform now offers a seamless payments experience. Besides, the accounting tool offers a single touch invoicing feature along with Gmail integration for 1billion who use Gmail accounts most of the time. So, to know more about the payments strategy, we have listed some of the key functionalities. You can also contact the QuickBooks support team to get an idea of how everything works.

Effortless Invoicing

When you are concerned about invoicing your customers, the sign-up process is relatively simple and easy. Within just three clicks, the accounting software has actually streamlined the process so that every single customer can use the payments account. The time span is as much as 1 minute when a new customer has to send a pay-enabled invoice. This was not the situation earlier because 33 clicks and 48 hours were required to apply for a payment account. With the new sign-up process, a hike is observed with QuickBooks customers who can send electronic invoices easily.

Once the account is set up, small scale businesses can change the format of invoices and easily send it through the ‘Pay Now’ link. The customers can go for paying online by using a credit card or a bank transfer without any charges. Soon, the development team would be providing an option to accept payments by Apple Pay and PayPal. Smart invoicing is yet another functionality that would notify the business owners to check out when the customers have received and viewed the invoices. They would also be in a position to observe when the amount would be paid.

Gmail Integration

Even though there are 1 billion Gmail account users, more than 50 percent are unable to send invoices as an attachment. So, in order to resolve the issue, Gmail integration helps in sending QuickBooks invoices from the account, checking the status and receiving the payment online. The task of invoicing is simplified with the Google Calendar app which aids to add events and descriptions when it is required. Once the G Suite contacts are imported, the information is stored at a single location. Individuals running small-scale businesses are confident about data security and the fact that tasks can be managed swiftly. A person can also directly sign in from the G Suite marketplace.

GoPayment Mobile Card Reader

As you can figure out by the name, GoPayment would be introducing a mobile card reader. As the objective of getting paid anywhere is met, the reader can be used with smartphones running on Android and iOS. The best part is that GoPayment customers can avail the opportunity to use magnetic stripe as well as chip credit cards.

Finally, QuickBooks payment would aid to get paid on time. The major advantage is that the invoice can be paid on Friday and payroll can also be managed on the same day. On the whole, the amount can be received two times faster once the invoice is rolled out in less than a minute and the customer simply clicks on the link. Businesses can benefit from the software innovation and forget about obsolete methods pertaining to invoices.

Dial the QuickBooks support phone number, 1-877-227-2303 just in case you are not used to functionalities described above.

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Jennifer Scott is an IT analyst who works closely with the QuickBooks support team. Apart from drafting blogs and articles related to QuickBooks, he is passionate about writing on a variety of topics. Visit this website for getting Quickbooks errors support.

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