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QuickBooks Desktop 2018 was introduced to the public in the month of October. You might be curious to know, what new features are being introduced? Or, Are there a number of latest capabilities which you’ve been waiting for?

Below are some online reviews which can help you to handle on just a few of the most important 2018 distinctive.

1.    “Past Due” Stamp- It’s difficult for anyone to imagine a situation where they don’t get paid on time, or maybe not paid at all. However, a good number of accounting professionals and their clients can probably recollect a time where they’ve written “PAST DUE” on an invoice.

With the introduction of 2018, an orderly latest feature is accessible where QuickBooks can robotically add a “past due” notice onto past due invoices for emailing or printing. This is great for the reason that it replaces manual works like writing on or stamping invoices and can look more professional too. It is controlled on a template basis, and of course, you can turn this feature off if you don’t want the “past due” note appearing on an invoice.

Accessible:  From Menu bar in QuickBooks, Click on Lists > Templates (Select only those templates which you want to modify), after the selection of templates, from the inferior left of drop-down menu select Edit Template. Click on the checkmark in the Print Past Due Stamp.

2.    Multi-monitor support- This feature is available for three Monitors, which will help you to easily move QuickBooks Windows to a diverse monitor than the monitor where QuickBooks was installed. It also means that pop-up windows connected with the operational window will come into view on the correct monitor. That means you don’t have to track down pop-up messages hidden behind an un-associated window.

Accessible: From Menu bar, Click on View > Switch to Multi-monitor Mode or user can even use shortcut keys, Ctrl+Alt+M. As soon as this setting is enabled, every open window in QuickBooks will display a Move Window to Next Monitor button near the top right.

3.    Payroll Liability Payment Reminder- Make sure you and your clients are recalled of upcoming payroll liability payments. On the Home page, QuickBooks displays a red reminder badge seven days former to the planned payment due date. This reminder significantly displays on the Home page, helping to increase peace of mind that future payroll liabilities payments are not missed. Be sure that you remind your clients of the significance of scheduling their payroll liability payments.

Accessible: From the menu bar, Select Employees > Payroll Taxes and Liabilities and Edit Payment Due Dates/Methods.

4.    Merge Vendors- This feature provides you with the capability to merge up to 4 vendors at a time. This feature will be available only in certain editions of QuickBooks:

•    QuickBooks Accountant (Client Data Review menu)

•    QuickBooks Pro/Premier if you log in as the External Accountant and use the Accountants Toolbox

•    QuickBooks Enterprise if you log in also as the Admin user or External Accountant

This change would save your time and effort if you find that you need to merge several vendor records often. It is something that was requested by many accounting professionals.

Of course, you don’t require this upgrade to be able to combine vendors. You already have the ability to do this. What is altered in this release is that you can now combine up to four vendor records at a time (instead of just two), and you can supervise how the data is merged in greater detail than before.

Accessible: From the menu bar, select Accountant > Client Data Review > Merge Vendors. When you are logged into a QuickBooks Enterprise file as Admin or External Accountant user, from the menu bar select Company > Accountant Tools > Merge Vendors.

5.    First wave of price increases starts October 2017. The list price of QuickBooks Enterprise Desktop 2018 was increased by 10% for BOTH the monthly plan and yearly plan options as of 10/1/2017.

There are 3 subscription levels - Silver, Gold, and Platinum. This is the first price increase on the subscription model since it was introduced in 2015. This pricing will be relevant to subscription renewals that come due in October 2017 or for new subscriptions that begin in October 2017.

Users are requested to keep a check on their mailbox for their renewal announcement. Keep a quick eye out on the cost that is being shown on the renewal amount.

So what do you think now users? About the new features which are made available for you by QuickBooks software. To know more about these features and their usage you can easily contact QuickBooks support expert @ 1-877-227-2303. Here you would be guided by certified pro-advisors who are available around the clock.

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