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QuickBooks by Intuit is accounting software that has brilliantly marketed itself as a tool for small to medium businesses. This accounting tool and the many different versions of it have over a million users which is substantial proof for its affectivity. The QuickBooks software comes in various editions that have shared and unique features. All in all, QuickBooks is an excellent tool for business accounting that has proved itself unbeatable by dominating up to 90% of the market share for accounting softwares. But like any other software, QuickBooks is acquiring new users every day; users who are not as adept at managing and maneuvering this software as well as they would like to. Many users get the best out of QuickBooks by subscribing to customer support or QuickBooks error support plans while quite a few do not. With this article, we would like to explore the many ways you can benefit from expert customer support to take full advantage of the many benefits of QuickBooks. Read further to know more.


Disadvantages of Bypassing a Customer Support Plan


QuickBooks is used by many types of business owners and even accountants of varying degrees of tech expertise. Bypassing a customer support plan while using QuickBooks often means you would have no source that you can instantly seek out when experiencing trouble with managing your QuickBooks files. Not having access to customer support can also mean not being aware of all the features of QuickBooks. This also means not being able to make proper use of the QuickBooks software that you paid a decent sum for. This is a handicap that many people overcome by researching and learning on the job. Unfortunately not all business owners have the time to completely figure out QuickBooks and make use of its best and most advanced features. QuickBooks error support is also of paramount importance as only a QuickBooks expert could resolve software snags and errors in the least possible time with least possible inconvenience to the user.


Advantages of Having a QuickBooks Tech Support Plan


Users with a QuickBooks customer support plan have 24/7 access to a QuickBooks expert and this is helpful in more ways than one. The primary advantage is having a tutor that can guide you in the process of adopting and adapting to QuickBooks. The QuickBooks support team specializes in helping people make the transition to QuickBooks. The support team at QuickBooks will be prompt and happy to help you discover and explore the many features of QuickBooks and adapt and customize the software according to your business needs. The team will introduce you to advanced features that will positively streamline your accounting tasks and take you through a step by step process of understanding how QuickBooks can help. All of the advantages above are mostly applicable to those who are new to QuickBooks. For long time users, QuickBooks error support is an indispensible service. The price you pay for 24/7 QuickBooks error support is truly worth the services you receive. Read further to know more about pricing.


QuickBooks Support Plans and Pricing


QuickBooks has three comprehensible support plans that are customized to suit the needs and budgets of a wide range of users. They are as listed below.


Basic Plan


This support plan is applicable for the duration of 6 months. Under this plan you are entitled to 24/7 QuickBooks tech support with access to a toll free QuickBooks support phone number at all times. One is entitled to unlimited calls to the QuickBooks support number from one user registered phone number.


Premium Plan


The Premium Plan is for two years. This plan covers you for customer support for the duration of 24 months with an emphasis on unlimited service, free access to the customer support number at all times and multi-user facilities. The multi-user facilities especially appeal to those with bigger businesses who have more than one person, handling company accounts.


Pro Plan


The Pro Plan is for the duration of 1 year. Under the Pro Plan, you are entitled to 24/7 unlimited customer support and multi-user facilities.


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