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Many users face issues with QuickBooks when they need to export data into an Excel spreadsheet. The error can occur when the accounting software is unable to recognize Excel that’s installed on the computer. Most of the time, this indicates that the tool hasn’t be been upgraded successfully. Besides, the individual can encounter the problem when the file registry is not functioning properly or one of the applications is damaged.


Steps you need to follow when exporting into the spreadsheet fails


Step 1: As soon as you open the customer center, you must trace the transaction from the relevant pane.


Step 2: Right click the transaction to view the transaction journal.


Step 3: Once you select the Transaction Journal, click the Excel button for creating a new worksheet.


NOTE: Do open the item list, before you attempt to open the report.


Step 4: Soon after you have selected the item list, navigate to the report menu and open the desired report.


Step 5: You can then export the data into Excel by either clicking Excel or the email button. The latter option would automatically send the report as an attachment in Excel format.


Different types of permission


Bank Transaction Export -- This permission would export the relevant file into .csv or .iif report.


Bills Export -- This permission functions as similar to the one stated above.


Calendar Export -- Use the permission when you need to export items associated with the calendar.


Contact Notes Export -- This option enables you to export contact notes along with the list created in Clio.


Some conditions which might create issues while you are importing the report


>> Problems occur when multiple accounts in the accounting CS have the same description entered in QuickBooks.

>> The issue arises when accounts are acknowledged since the accounting CS account numbers don’t match with the existing QuickBooks accounts. To rule out the issue, you need to add the accounts manually much before you import the transactions from QuickBooks.


>> A difference in the account details can also be the result of the error. For the import, the transaction details should be the same when the accounting CS and QuickBooks is considered.


So, before you try importing a report to an excel worksheet, observe the details closely.

In case nothing works for you, then feel free to contact the support team on 1-877-
227-2303. The entire team would be happy to help you with any issues you come across.


With years of experience, the QuickBooks support team has always helped users to seek a solution for different issues. While a person can avail round-the-clock support, you can contact the team when you need to recover data and customize reports as well as invoices. The professionals also help to transfer files in case you need to switch to new systems.


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