Pengcheng furniture believes that more and more ergonomics believe that "your next height is your best height." Pengcheng offers different control panel options, but never displays a height and has a digital panel with memory settings options. This is inconsistent with the idea that "Your next height is your best height" and adds unnecessary costs. Our desk can complement your body and tailor it to your specific needs.

Pengcheng electric stand desk

The Pengcheng electric sitting/standing desk allows you to change the working position with the push of a button.

Pengcheng is an environmentally friendly company whose subcontractors are held according to their local standards. We avoid using most hazardous substances in our products.

Pengcheng's philosophy is to keep it simple and make a reasonably priced electric height adjustable desk that everyone can use. They should be easy to assemble and operate and difficult to implement.


  For many people who use the Pengcheng electric height adjustable desk for the first time, perhaps the most troublesome thing is how to find a suitable desktop height. First, I want to make sure that the table is at the right height when I am standing. The easiest way is to use a ruler to measure the height. It can help you find the perfect height of your new desk. When determining the number of this table height, you need to make sure that the height of the sole or heel is taken into account. Because the height of our shoes are changing often, so we need to adjust the height of the table every day.

ergonomic adjustable standing desk

  A comfortable height is the most important, but the situation may not always be the case, so don't be afraid to constantly adjust the height of the table. When you find the perfect fit, you need to remember the following:

  Make sure your desk is set up;
  Raise the display to the line of sight level;
  Make sure your eyes are safe from the screen;

  However, when using the Pengcheng electric sit stand desk, no matter whether you are the same height every day, you only need to press a switch on the electric lift table to adjust the height of the table easily.
  Higher or lower, they are all free to adjust. It can also be said that height is not important, comfort is the most important, what do you think?


A separate manual crank height adjustable desk allows you to adjust the height of the table to suit the user's sitting and standing throughout the working day. You can choose to use the universal crank handle on the left or right side and fold it under the table when not in use.

By simply adjusting the height of the work top to allow the user to stand, it helps to improve posture, prevent back pain, and the risk of weight gain and inactivity while working throughout the day.

Pengcheng manual crank height adjustable desk

Then our 'frame' solution is right for you. All of our structures are built independently and don't rely on the desktop for strong support.

The height adjustable desks supplier Pengcheng Frame is rugged, stable and easy to use, making it ideal for homes, schools and offices. No power is required, so you can place it anywhere in the office or at home without having to use an outlet. The manual lift allows you to adjust the height of the table, giving you the flexibility to easily adjust your sitting or standing position.

All of these factors contribute to the height adjustment of the individual workstation. Use the sit/station vertical adjustment range 725-1125mm to move up another level. This range of adjustments is suitable for a wide range of users and allows the user to switch between sitting and standing working positions. The Pengcheng lift table system provides complete independent height adjustment for multiple users. Standing in a healthy workplace!

hand crank height adjustable desk

Customizable designs help you work in a healthy way. The device's increased lifting capacity, firmer structure, smoother crank movement and wider adjustment range make it stand out from the competition. Its durable, commercial-grade construction with a scratch-resistant melamine top and powder-coated frame make it a lasting choice.

ergonomic manual crank adjustable standing desk

Easy to use adjustment is easy - use your simple crank system to lift your workstation to the desired position. The detachable handle crank provides a smooth adjustment experience. Adjustable transition from sitting to standing for a healthier lifestyle.


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Pengcheng children's height adjustable standing desk comes top of the class. PCS-800 children custom standing desk designed to grow with your child, Pengcheng office furniture offer ergonomic comfort at every age. This desk combines fun and safety for kids of varying age and size! Perfect for kids' rooms, study room, and more, features an adjustable tilting surface (from 0 to 75 degrees).
ergonomic standing desk
The desk offer lots of choice and features. And with height adjustable, our desks will keep up with growing bodies for years.

Pengcheng PCS-1100 ergonomic adjustable standing desk Grow Up With Your Child:
The desk height and tilting desk surface are easy to position to just the right fit.
height adjustable standing desk supplier
Save your money
Save your dollars by buying just one desk to last from preschool to high school. With Pengcheng products you don't need to worry about cluttering your home, and child can clean up their daily study area so that you no longer have to worry about the room becoming messy.

Ergonomic Design
Children always sitting on every learning day. Pengcheng PCS-800 ergonomic Hand Crank Height Adjustable Desk make your children sitting or standing. Pengcheng kids' height adjustable standing desk adjust to fit your child's body height and need.

Learning Success
Your child is growing physically and intellectually by leaps and bounds. PCS-800 Modern Kids height adjustable desk provide a comfortable learning environment in the learing area.
kidâs study desk in the learning area
With a personalized study zone made just for them, kids will finish their homework before you have a chance to remind them.

So, every child need their own study desk.


The features about PCS-1100 custom height adjustable children's standing desk:

ergonomic adjustable standing desk

?Height Adjustable?The desk height adjustments 560mm-780mm adjustment range. Recommend for kid’s ages 2-18 using.

adjustable height desk for office

?Tiltable Desktop?Tiltable Desktop (0-85° tilting range) provides better angel and promotes good posture for doing homework, reading, writing and drawing etc. 1" desk tilt stoppers prevent hands from being pinched. Non-reflection desktop helps to protect child’s eyes.

office furniture height adjustable desk

?Multifunctional Storage? Embedded groove holds pens and pencils. Compartmented drawer enables to store books and stationery and all little things to reduce clutter. Steel hooks help to hold schoolbag and cup holder. Book stand provides the ideal reading distance from the seated position for books or a tablet.

?Material?The desktop is made of E1 grade 18mm particle board+stainless steel pipe+powder coating steel. Solid steel frames support the desk and chair to ensure the stability and durability. Anti-slip feet add stability and protect floor from being scratched.

?Ergonomic Design?The children Manual Crank Height Adjustable Desk afford a comfortable and right position.

Pengcheng PCS-1100 children height adjustable table


We are going to show you how to assemble normal Pengcheng office steel filing cabinet 3 drawer.
The steps of Unboxing white Pengcheng PCP-390F office mobile file cabinet under or beside the office desk:
1.Open the package;

where to +buy +filing +cabinets
2.Take out the cabinet from the package;
3.Take out the accessory box;
Note:If the drawer is facing up, it won't open;
4.Take out the spare parts from the accessory box;

buy 3 drawer filing cabinet
5.Install the wheels;
Different wheels under the three drawer metal filing cabinet:
(1)auxiliary wheels
(2)activity wheels
(3)brake wheels: mounted on the front;

Pengcheng mobile steel filing cabinet PCP-390F
6.Hanging pencil case and installing file bar;

mobile under desk pedestal
Pencil case: can be placed in all slots;
Steps of installing file bar - The notch is facing down:
Insert one end into the slot;
Flat across;
Pull outwards;
(Other holes can also be installed)

mobile pedestal supplier
Complete unboxing and installation of the activity Mobile File Cabinets.


We are excited for you to get your shiny Pengcheng new PCS-1125W Hand Crank Height Adjustable Desk for improving work efficiency.

office furniture adjustable height desk


It has these unexpected features:
The manual crank adjustable desk frame for 2-people ensures a smooth and comfortable height-adjustment experience from 28.5? to 44.3? with a light-tension crank handle that's easy to operate;
office furniture adjustable height desk
The versatile height adjustable ergonomic standing desk frame also moves laterally, capable of extending the desktop from 43.3? to 68.9? with ease;

Adjustable feet: Turn the adjustable pad that's built into the base of your manual office desk standing adjustable to maintain stability and a level foot rest when setting up the frame on the uneven ground;
Adjustable feet of office furniture adjustable height desk

Pull out or hide the crank handle:
Easily keep the crank out of your way under the desktop when you are not using it;
But when you using it you can remove it from the adjustable height desk frame and shake the crank by your hand to adjust the desktop to the height you want;
handle office furniture standing adjustable desk


handle of height adjustable standing table

2 hand-crank positions: The hand crank on the manual ergonomic standing desk can be installed on the left or right depending on your personal preference.
Maximum Strength and Stability: Designed for maximum structural integrity, the crank height adjustable desk frame features double-steel wall tubing that supports a 220lbs weight capacity;
steel of height adjustable sit stand desk
Meet the needs of two people at the same time: The face to face two staff can adjust the adjustable sit stand desk to the height they want. One employee sits front the office desk and the other stands front the office desk; Both are sitting or standing. This height adjustable standing desk can be realized.
the office standing desk
where to buy Pengcheng standing desks
Easy Assembly: We will give you the installation notes in the box to help you quickly and easily assemble your crank adjustable desk frame. All hardware is included with your order for added convenience;