A separate manual crank height adjustable desk allows you to adjust the height of the table to suit the user's sitting and standing throughout the working day. You can choose to use the universal crank handle on the left or right side and fold it under the table when not in use.

By simply adjusting the height of the work top to allow the user to stand, it helps to improve posture, prevent back pain, and the risk of weight gain and inactivity while working throughout the day.

Pengcheng manual crank height adjustable desk

Then our 'frame' solution is right for you. All of our structures are built independently and don't rely on the desktop for strong support.

The height adjustable desks supplier Pengcheng Frame is rugged, stable and easy to use, making it ideal for homes, schools and offices. No power is required, so you can place it anywhere in the office or at home without having to use an outlet. The manual lift allows you to adjust the height of the table, giving you the flexibility to easily adjust your sitting or standing position.

All of these factors contribute to the height adjustment of the individual workstation. Use the sit/station vertical adjustment range 725-1125mm to move up another level. This range of adjustments is suitable for a wide range of users and allows the user to switch between sitting and standing working positions. The Pengcheng lift table system provides complete independent height adjustment for multiple users. Standing in a healthy workplace!

hand crank height adjustable desk

Customizable designs help you work in a healthy way. The device's increased lifting capacity, firmer structure, smoother crank movement and wider adjustment range make it stand out from the competition. Its durable, commercial-grade construction with a scratch-resistant melamine top and powder-coated frame make it a lasting choice.

ergonomic manual crank adjustable standing desk

Easy to use adjustment is easy - use your simple crank system to lift your workstation to the desired position. The detachable handle crank provides a smooth adjustment experience. Adjustable transition from sitting to standing for a healthier lifestyle.


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