For many people who use the Pengcheng electric height adjustable desk for the first time, perhaps the most troublesome thing is how to find a suitable desktop height. First, I want to make sure that the table is at the right height when I am standing. The easiest way is to use a ruler to measure the height. It can help you find the perfect height of your new desk. When determining the number of this table height, you need to make sure that the height of the sole or heel is taken into account. Because the height of our shoes are changing often, so we need to adjust the height of the table every day.

ergonomic adjustable standing desk

  A comfortable height is the most important, but the situation may not always be the case, so don't be afraid to constantly adjust the height of the table. When you find the perfect fit, you need to remember the following:

  Make sure your desk is set up;
  Raise the display to the line of sight level;
  Make sure your eyes are safe from the screen;

  However, when using the Pengcheng electric sit stand desk, no matter whether you are the same height every day, you only need to press a switch on the electric lift table to adjust the height of the table easily.
  Higher or lower, they are all free to adjust. It can also be said that height is not important, comfort is the most important, what do you think?

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