Pengcheng children's height adjustable standing desk comes top of the class. PCS-800 children custom standing desk designed to grow with your child, Pengcheng office furniture offer ergonomic comfort at every age. This desk combines fun and safety for kids of varying age and size! Perfect for kids' rooms, study room, and more, features an adjustable tilting surface (from 0 to 75 degrees).
ergonomic standing desk
The desk offer lots of choice and features. And with height adjustable, our desks will keep up with growing bodies for years.

Pengcheng PCS-1100 ergonomic adjustable standing desk Grow Up With Your Child:
The desk height and tilting desk surface are easy to position to just the right fit.
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Save your money
Save your dollars by buying just one desk to last from preschool to high school. With Pengcheng products you don't need to worry about cluttering your home, and child can clean up their daily study area so that you no longer have to worry about the room becoming messy.

Ergonomic Design
Children always sitting on every learning day. Pengcheng PCS-800 ergonomic Hand Crank Height Adjustable Desk make your children sitting or standing. Pengcheng kids' height adjustable standing desk adjust to fit your child's body height and need.

Learning Success
Your child is growing physically and intellectually by leaps and bounds. PCS-800 Modern Kids height adjustable desk provide a comfortable learning environment in the learing area.
kidâs study desk in the learning area
With a personalized study zone made just for them, kids will finish their homework before you have a chance to remind them.

So, every child need their own study desk.

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