We are excited for you to get your shiny Pengcheng new PCS-1125W Hand Crank Height Adjustable Desk for improving work efficiency.

office furniture adjustable height desk


It has these unexpected features:
The manual crank adjustable desk frame for 2-people ensures a smooth and comfortable height-adjustment experience from 28.5? to 44.3? with a light-tension crank handle that's easy to operate;
office furniture adjustable height desk
The versatile height adjustable ergonomic standing desk frame also moves laterally, capable of extending the desktop from 43.3? to 68.9? with ease;

Adjustable feet: Turn the adjustable pad that's built into the base of your manual office desk standing adjustable to maintain stability and a level foot rest when setting up the frame on the uneven ground;
Adjustable feet of office furniture adjustable height desk

Pull out or hide the crank handle:
Easily keep the crank out of your way under the desktop when you are not using it;
But when you using it you can remove it from the adjustable height desk frame and shake the crank by your hand to adjust the desktop to the height you want;
handle office furniture standing adjustable desk


handle of height adjustable standing table

2 hand-crank positions: The hand crank on the manual ergonomic standing desk can be installed on the left or right depending on your personal preference.
Maximum Strength and Stability: Designed for maximum structural integrity, the crank height adjustable desk frame features double-steel wall tubing that supports a 220lbs weight capacity;
steel of height adjustable sit stand desk
Meet the needs of two people at the same time: The face to face two staff can adjust the adjustable sit stand desk to the height they want. One employee sits front the office desk and the other stands front the office desk; Both are sitting or standing. This height adjustable standing desk can be realized.
the office standing desk
where to buy Pengcheng standing desks
Easy Assembly: We will give you the installation notes in the box to help you quickly and easily assemble your crank adjustable desk frame. All hardware is included with your order for added convenience;
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