We are going to show you how to assemble normal Pengcheng office steel filing cabinet 3 drawer.
The steps of Unboxing white Pengcheng PCP-390F office mobile file cabinet under or beside the office desk:
1.Open the package;

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2.Take out the cabinet from the package;
3.Take out the accessory box;
Note:If the drawer is facing up, it won't open;
4.Take out the spare parts from the accessory box;

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5.Install the wheels;
Different wheels under the three drawer metal filing cabinet:
(1)auxiliary wheels
(2)activity wheels
(3)brake wheels: mounted on the front;

Pengcheng mobile steel filing cabinet PCP-390F
6.Hanging pencil case and installing file bar;

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Pencil case: can be placed in all slots;
Steps of installing file bar - The notch is facing down:
Insert one end into the slot;
Flat across;
Pull outwards;
(Other holes can also be installed)

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Complete unboxing and installation of the activity Mobile File Cabinets.