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armina was fascinated with the idea of beauty, makeup, and skincare from a very early age. Having faced with acne problems in her teenage years, she began taking interest in techniques and methods related to skincare. That is when she decided to help people with their skincare needs. She obtained her licence as an esthetician. Ever since then, she has been dedicated to make people look and feel beautiful. Karmina Beauty Clinic is the dream venture dedicated to providing clients with efficient services for their beauty needs.


Services We Provide At Karmina

At Karmina Beauty Clinic, we take special care in meeting our client’s individual needs. For us, making you feel beautiful in your own skin is the most important aspect our service. We offer a variety of beauty services to women who want to look and feel good all day, every day.


Permanent Makeup

If you have a very busy schedule and have little or no time to visit the parlor, permanent makeup is the right choice for you. Permanent makeup is also best suited for women who are very particular about the way they look and present themselves.
You can choose from a range of services for accentuating your lips and eyes.


To make your lips appear full and plump, with finely defined lip line, PhiContour permanent lip procedure is just the ideal service for you. PhiContour allows you to redefine the outline of your lips and can also help in reshaping them. The process also lets you regain the natural color of your lips by choosing a pigmented shade closer to your skin tone.
You should bear in mind the color will appear very dark for the first week and would later fade out a little closer to 40 to 50%. You are welcome to visit us for a little touch up every four weeks, if you feel the need.


With our professional eye makeup service, you can get permanent eyeliner without having to worry about applying it every day. You get to choose from a wide variety of winged liners, shaded or the natural ones. You name it and we provide it.
You can also give extra volume to your lashes and make it appear a lot thicker.
We care about you and hence all our tools are skin-friendly and disposable. The pigments we use besides being high in quality are natural, organic, and dermatologically tested. The makeup, if maintained with care, can last you for a period of three years. However, we strongly advise not to take the treatment, if you are pregnant or undergoing chemo or have any serious skin issue.


PhiBrow Microblading is a process by which we help you get natural looking beautifully sculpted eyebrows. Following the line of your eyebrow hair, we use sophisticated methods to give your brows the shape and color of your choice. The process is done with the application of pigment in a fine blade into the upper layer of your skin.
Phifusion is a unique technique to make your brows appear thicker, if you have very little naturally growing hair. Apart from filling in gaps and adding volume, microblading also helps in restoring the hair, lost due to chemo, or any other medical reason. You can give a dramatic look to your brows by managing the color proportions. A fully shaded brow gives a darker arch and a lighter tail. This technique suits all skin types


Lash Lifting
Our clinic also brings you a host of other services like Lash lifting. This is a fantastic alternative to sticky false lashes making your lashes appear naturally thicker and adds extra volume.
We also bring to you different type of facials and chemical peel complimenting your skin type and need. At Karmina Beauty Clinic, we offer highly professional service and quality assured products that do not have any adverse effect on your skin. Driven by the goal of reaching out to women with our specialized beauty technique, we believe in making every woman feel confidently beaut