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Everyone wants to have bright, glowing skin. With changing eating habits, age, and climatic conditions, your skin faces many issues. Some of these include fine lines, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, and dark spots, etc. The most effective procedure to resolve these problems is Microneedling.  

What is Microneedling? 

Microneedling, also widely known as collagen induction therapy, is a non-invasive procedure. During this treatment, many sterile microneedles are pushed into the skin. The punctures make small micro-holes that induce the skin's repair system to produce elastic fibers and new collagen. It heals your skin and gives you a younger, beautiful, and rejuvenated look.  

The process is hyped as a multi-purpose treatment option as it enhances a selection of cosmetic issues. 

The FDA (The Food and Drug Administration) approves the use of equipment to reduce or heal the looks of: 

  • Acne scars 
  • Wounds 
  • Dermatoses 
  • Deep facial lines  
  • Wrinkles 
  • Stretch marks 
  • Cellulite 
  • Hair Loss, and a lot more.   

How is the Procedure Done? 

The microneedling treatment takes place in the following way: 

  • Small needles in a device prick the skin.  
  • It makes tiny, precise holes into the surface of your skin without injuring the epidermis. 
  • The regulated lesions stimulate the body’s natural therapeutic response to wounds and enhance elastin and collagen production in the skin’s deep layers. 
  • The treatment produces an additional layer of smoother, fresh-looking skin. 
  • It is highly beneficial in reducing wrinkles, blemishes, or scars. 


Who are the Perfect Candidates for the Procedure? 

Anyone can benefit from skin microneedling treatment, as specially designed to treat various skin problems and types. This technique is highly effective against circumstances that affect the skin’s surface.  

Listed below are the issues that are resolved using this technique: 


Signs of Aging:   

  • After a certain age, our skin produces less collagen (an important protein), so we experience some signs of aging. It includes loss of stiffness of skin and appearance of fine wrinkles. 
  • Noninvasive treatments can help you resolve this issue if you seek certified services at a young age.  
  • Through the procedure, the body starts producing collagen again, removing early signs of aging.  
  • You can get this treatment done at any age.  

Acne Scars:  

  • Many people face acne problems during their teenage, but the symptoms diminish after some years.  
  • In a few severe cases, you might have to deal with acne scars for the rest of your life.  
  • You can get rid of these scars in just a few sessions of Microneedling and can reinstate smooth outlines and curves of your face.  
  • The candidates can get outstanding results with the combination of PRC (Platelet-Rich-Plasma) and microneedling treatments.  

You can use microneedling facial treatment to reduce scars and blemishes which are caused of: 

  1. An inflammatory disease
  2. An injury
  3. Chickenpox, and more


 Good Health: 

  • Skin microneedling is slightly invasive, but there is no need for general anesthesia and staying at the clinic overnight.  
  • The specialist will investigate your medical history to ensure your skin doesn’t react to the treatment.  
  • You are a suitable candidate if you are in optimum health and don’t have any serious medical conditions. 
  • The candidate might have to stop taking particular medicines (if you take them) for some days before and after the procedure. 
  • It will help you attain excellent results and avert any side effects.   



Aftercare Tips 

Good aftercare for microneedling procedures can help you get flawless skin and also protect it from any damage and irritants.  

Consider the following tips to care for your skin after undergoing the treatment: 

  1. Don’t cover the treated area, as it will block the air circulation. 
  2. Keep the area clean and dry 
  3. Don’t apply any shower creams, perfumed products, and essential oils.  
  4. Avoid touching, rubbing, scratching, and picking the treatment site. 
  5. Stay away from swimming pools, spas, and saunas for approximately 2 weeks. 
  6. Avoid direct sun exposure, as it can damage your skin causing hyperpigmentation 

Microneedling is an exceptional treatment to get smooth and bright skin. Now, forget about your wrinkles, fine lines, scars, and blemishes and enjoy your rejuvenated skin.    


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