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Permanent makeup in winter

Routine makeup and skincare become a little difficult in winter. During this season, your skin loses its glow, becomes dry, and you remain lazy because of the cold weather.  

The skin remains dry maximum times because of the dehydration, and it can speed up the aging process. In these conditions, permanent makeup can help you maintain your everyday makeup looks and stay beautiful all the time.  

Permanent makeup has gained more popularity over the years. It is one of the best treatments for individuals who want a reduced appearance of acne, fine lines, wrinkles, and more. Some makeup procedures include permanent eyeliner, eyebrows tattooing, lash lift, and more. During the cosmetic treatment, a top-quality device injects safe coloring ink into the upper layer of the skin.   

Let’s know more about the benefits of having permanent makeup in winter: 

1. Saves Your Time in the Morning 


  • In winter, you don’t feel like leaving your bed. You wish to sleep a few more minutes in the morning.  
  • You can grab the opportunity of sleeping for some more time in your cozy and warm bed because of the permanent makeup, as you need not apply makeup before leaving your home.  


2. Smudge-Proof  


  • Both permanent and semi-permanent makeup doesn’t smudge or brush off even if you put on your scarf, high neck, or pullover.  
  • You won’t have to make eyebrows or stick your artificial eyelashes again if you will invest in permanent makeup.  
  • Besides, this makeup never smudges in any weather, and also doesn’t leave a soiled spot even when you pull clothes over your head. 


3. Less Irritation During and After the Procedure Due to Less Sweating  


  • Semi-permanent makeup procedures like permanent eyebrows tattooing can irritate your skin and cause swelling and redness.  
  • During summers, you sweat more and it can lead to more irritation and redness, which can extend your healing time.  
  • Whereas in winter, you sweat less because of the cold weather, thus, you will not feel more irritation and redness in the area. Your skin will heal fast!  


4. Reduced Impact of Direct Exposure to the Sun 


  • Direct exposure to the sun is not recommended after your permanent makeup session, especially when you have tattooed eyebrows, as direct sun’s heat can cause more irritation to your skin.  
  • Winter offers some protection from the direct heat and harmful rays of the sun. 
  • Thus, your healing process will not be delayed, and you will have amazing results.  


5. Less Discomfort Due to Inflammation 


  • You can notice inflammation in the treated part after the cosmetic process, which is a good sign.  
  • During the winter, your sensitive skin will have less discomfort due to inflammation caused by the procedure. The cold weather can decrease pain and inflammation on the injured part.      

If you are planning to book an appointment for permanent eyebrows, winter is the best time to go for it. Rain, sleet, or snow during the winter will not affect your healing process. It becomes easy to look after your skin after the semi-permanent makeup treatment during this time of the year. Your flawless permanent makeup will help you look stunningly gorgeous throughout the winter.     

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