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Let‘s take a brief survey: how much has the COVID-19 pandemic affected your organization?

A) Drastically
B) Majorly
C) Greatly
D) All of the above

No business has escaped the impact of coronavirus, especially those that rely on supply chains—physical or otherwise. Many products and services suffer from low demand, such as cars and hotels. Other companies struggle to keep up with severely increased demand—good luck finding toilet paper on store shelves. But through diligent planning and smart use of technology, it‘s possible to reduce the bumps in the supply chain and find solutions that will maximize efficiency and success.

“We’ll never get back to the normal we knew before COVID-19,“ says Tracy Warren, Manager of Delivery & PMO at Katalyst Technologies. “But we’ll settle into new ways of getting things done.“

Take Advantage of IoT

The Internet of Things has connected processes in seamless and ultimately effortless ways for companies and consumers alike. If you‘re one of those businesses experiencing a dramatic shift in demand in either direction, IoT technology can effectively manage inventory and monitor equipment. If you‘re facing a sharp uptick in demand, predictive maintenance techniques will be majorly beneficial in keeping up.

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