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ServiceNow Innovation Ensures Workforce Safety Wit

We care deeply about our people. Empathy and consideration are ServiceNow's core values, as are many other companies around the world. COVID-19's impact on individuals and families does not diminish or disappear when we return to our workplaces. Some employees might not return to work in the future due to their circumstances.

Our efforts to return to work include two priority areas. The first, team preparation, means that we find our employees where they are, with empathy and compassion, given their circumstances as a result of COVID-19. The second, workplace preparation, focuses on preparing and managing our physical workplaces, with many requirements and restrictions to ensure safety.

ServiceNow recently launched four apps for the Safe Workplace Suite, based on real-time feedback around the world, as they continue to return to workplace planning and activation.

ServiceNow Safe Workplace Suite Includes

Employee Readiness Surveys:

The Employee Readiness Survey application allows companies to assess and recognize employees' willingness to return to their office or physical workplace, through a series of surveys with a set of queries and recording employee responses. Based on survey responses, companies can formulate the right course of action to gain employee confidence and get them back to work smoothly.

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