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5G technology is not just about lower latency and higher bandwidth; it is also a wireless revolution that will allow robotics, automation, VR, and many other industrial applications. 5G complements other emerging technologies, such as AI/ML, IoT, and robotics, to drive the company's digital transformation further, both internally within an organization and externally in commitments to customers.

Leading telecom brands such as Verizon and AT&T have already initiated its 5G execution strategies in the network cities. According to Mckinsey, the impact of 5G will be noteworthy in multiple industrial segments. It is estimated that the global GDP might spur to $2 Trillion by 2030.


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How 5G Technology Is Bringing Revolution In Other Segments


Bringing Mobility

Digital transformation has become a daily term for companies in various sectors. Companies are in different stages of implementing new technologies to develop new solutions, improve services, increase operational efficiency, reduce costs, obtain a competitive advantage, and meet increasing customer expectations. The bandwidth required for each application increases due to the richer application content. While a business mobility solution can also manage devices and access as it offers certain levels of protection, it is not enough to guarantee end-to-end security and, especially the user experience.

Aligning Omnichannel strategies

Many companies are already implementing an omnichannel strategy as part of their customer engagement initiatives to improve customer experience and the advocacy phase. Although traditional channels, such as telephony and physical stores, are still relevant, many companies are strengthening their mobile channel to meet the growing demand from millennials. Most companies today have mobile apps that provide detailed information about products and services, the shopping experience, and interactive customer support. Companies are also using new technologies, such as AI, for more effective engagement and to gain a competitive advantage. Technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality will further transform external engagement.


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