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Ecommerce website is one of the most accessed touchpoints that allow visitors and customers to take a glance at your business offerings. And with features like smooth navigation and pleasant aesthetics incorporated in your ecommerce website design, the probability of conversion is quite high. Statista estimates that global retail ecommerce sales would reach 6.54 trillion US dollars in 2023. This impressive figure indicates the popularity of online shopping as a worldwide phenomenon.                                        

Nowadays, brands understand that ecommerce website design is a crucial factor that determines the quality of user experience, thus impacting the value generation capability of the website. Accordingly, if you wish to stay ahead in the competition and desire to increase traffic on your website, you must check these popular web design trends.  

Interestingly, some of the trends are already present and are influencing ecommerce experience, and will continue to inspire web developers in 2020. 


Top Ecommerce Website Design Trends 2020


What ecommerce website design trends will continue to rule in 2020?


  • Chatbots: A popular trend in 2019, Chatbots have given birth to conversational ecommerce. Chatbots instantly communicate with customers and rely on Artificial Intelligence to act based on consumers’ preferences, thus creating a personalized experience. A survey by Oracle reveals that businesses realize the importance of Chatbots, and nearly 80% of enterprises want Chatbots by 2020. Thus, while creating an online ecommerce website design, designers will work towards integrating bot technology on the ecommerce platform for higher user engagement. 


  • Video Content: Videos are one of the vital content assets these days. Smart videos have replaced text content on websites as videos allow users to consume more data with a visual appeal. Whether demonstrating the functioning of a product or sharing success stories or showcasing the domain expertise, videos had been immensely utilized by web designers in 2019. According to Hubspot, 87% of the brands are relying on video as a marketing tool in 2019. A survey reveals that 48% of consumers believe that videos embedded in online store website design facilitate decision making. With 5G capabilities reducing load times significantly, web designers will opt for videos of ultra HD quality in 2020.  


  • Personalization: AI and machine learning are creating an impact on every industry, and web design is no exception. These disruptive technologies allow automating certain aspects of web design to create a more human-like interactive experience. With machine learning capabilities, online shopping website designs are delivering tailored experiences based on their visitors’ and preferences. In 2020, enhanced machine learning will aid designers to capture relevant information and create landing pages for a personalized encounter. 


  • Voice Search: Voice-command interfaces have got excellent traction in 2019 and are highly suitable for online shopping website design. With a voice-enabled user interface, visitors are navigating by giving commands rather than typing long phrases and words. With Siri and Alexa continuously transforming users’ digital experience, voice search will not only enhance UX but also make online shopping convenient. According to research by Gartner, 30% of webpage visits will be by voice in 2020, inspiring web designers to embed VUI in an online ecommerce website design to be more relevant to their audiences.


  • Mobile-first: It is estimated that mobile retail commerce (M-Commerce) sales in the US will reach 338bn USD by 2020. Undoubtedly, making a mobile-friendly website design is mandatory for businesses to increase their digital presence manifolds; however, web designers are now moving towards a mobile-first approach where they are first creating mobile-responsive templates and then making them responsive to the desktop version. With an upsurge in the usage of smartphones, 2020 will witness this trend with more intensity in online store website design. 


  • Social Selling: Social media integration allows businesses to leverage the power of social media. With social media buttons embedded on the website, companies are getting expanded reach by making the content seamlessly shareable across global platforms. 2020 will witness this website designing trends without fail as more and more people are active on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest. 


What ecommerce website design trends will emerge in 2020


  • Augmented Reality: Gartner predicts that by 2020 immersive solutions based on AR, VR, and mixed reality will be adopted heavily by businesses as a part of their digital transformation strategy. Websites dealing in jewelry, cosmetics, shades, makeup, apparel, furniture, home décor, shoes, and so on will continue to implement AR into their online store website design to allow customers to virtually try these products. The trend is in the nascent stage and will proliferate in 2020, as website developers and designers will look forward to providing experiential services to their customers.


  • Split Layouts: It is a screen layout that divides a full screen into two or more vertical parts making landing pages more attractive and well-organized. Split-screen divides content in vertical panels making it more palatable for the visitors. This website design trend will flourish in 2020, as it provides the opportunity to offer two CTAs to customers on the same frame.  


  • 3D Animations: 2020 will be marked with the presence of highly animated interactive features on ecommerce websites. 3D animations have been around for a long time to amuse visitors; but 5G capabilities have broadened the scope for web designers to add dynamic elements like GIF, illustrations, animated logos, micro animations, motion designs, and mini-games and many other animations that add life in the online website design. In particular, GIF and mini-games, mainly that make waiting time playful for users while content gets loaded, will earn popularity in 2020. 


  • Parallax: Parallax scrolling or non-traditional scrolling is a technique that creates illusion and immersive experience for users by altering the scrolling speed of background and foreground images. This creates a depth (3D visualization) in 2D space that looks pleasing to the eye while striking a perfect balance between usability and aesthetics. Web designers will prefer parallax in 2020, primarily for producing a better storytelling experience and delivering a strong brand message through visual appeal. 


  • Minimalism: Minimum is the new maximum as far as online store website design is concerned. The new website designing trend is indicating towards minimalistic web design or flat design where a lot of white space is used with minimum elements like buttons, navigation bar, and geometrical patterns. Colorful minimalism will also be visible in the web designs in 2020 as designers will experiment with bold, saturated, and energetic colors with clean content and the least possible elements. This trend will attract visitors who believe that sophistication lies in simplicity. 


  • Full Page/ Screen Forms: Another exciting trend will be full-screen forms where visitors will be provided with forms that spread on the whole page instead of opening as a pop-up. Inspired from minimalistic designs, the idea is to allow distraction-free form filling while displaying one question at a time on the full screen along with few animated elements. In the pursuit of providing an unprecedented user experience, this trend will gain momentum in 2020 as more and more online website designs will go for single-field and full-screen form interface. 


Foreseeing immense potential, businesses are starting to invest heavily in the website designs to take UX to the next level in 2020. If you also want to stay ahead in the competition in 2020 while offering the best in class customer experience, partner with Katalyst Technologies, a leading provider of digital commerce solutions.


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