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As a church administrator, this spring, you might be thinking of renovating the Church to welcome people after the long lockdown imposed due to the COVID – 19 set out. Over the last few decades, it has been observed that people love to pay a visit to churches, but the number of churchgoers has been reduced due to multiple factors. 

To address this significant reduction in church attendees, innovation and flexibility are the keys to meeting the needs of millennial church services. 

It would be best to make seating more comfortable for the worshipers as you don't want them to keep checking their watch during congregations. In your quest for the best seating ways, you might get confused with a myriad of options available in the market. 

This article will guide you about why you should acquire modern seating in spring 2022 and how to find superior-quality chairs and buy Hercules Church chairs in New York.

Offers Homely Feelings

Do you remember the good old fellas, wooden Church Pews? No church service attendee wants to sit on those not-so-comfortable pews.

The padded Hercules church chairs have cushioned back and 2.25’’/4? seat foam. The Waterfall seat edge design addresses the ergonomics, reduces pressure on the legs, and supports the worshipers or attendees to sit for longer spans without experiencing discomfort or pain. Also, the Book Pouch on the chair back provides space to keep the seminar materials, bibles, or hymn books, reducing the strain on hands.


Besides comfort, the church chairs are a cost-effective option for church administration as the pews were made to order and took months to deliver.

The 100% virgin polyurethane seat, 200,000/250,000 double resistant and flame retardant fabric, 1? square tube heavy-duty metallic frame, and T-Nut Fasteners to join metal to metal make Hercules church chairs sturdy. The plastic rocker glides protect your floor while sliding the chairs.

Personal Space

Keeping a distance was considered a Generation-Z thing. But, after the Covid-19 pandemic, maintaining a distancing has become a norm even for the older generations. As church chairs are lightweight, it is easier for the church staff to move and create suitable space for keeping attendees apart.

Easy to maintain:

The simplicity of the chairs made them easy to clean and keep dust-free compared to the heavy wooden carved pews. It can be easily wiped if anything is spilled, and changing the seat cloth won't cost hefty amounts.

Convenience in storing/moving

The 6 gauge lightweight steel frame of about 600/800 lb has increased the stackability. The tangle-free and less condensed chairs are ideal for keeping in the storage room and using when needed. On the other hand, the plastic rocker glides help move chairs smoothly, snag-free, and quietly across the floor or carpet.

Flexible Use

The minimal volume occupation made improved the interior flexibility. It is easier for the staff to line in a row uniformly with the help of Ganging Bracket interlocking device to mimic traditional pews or change chair arrangements easily according to the requirement of the event, for example, in circles or semi-circles. Due to an array of benefits, the church chairs can be used in multiple indoor/outdoor events, hotel lobbies, banquets halls, and conferences. 

Color options

To make your Church or other facilities more attractive for church attendees, you can use different colored chairs. The cushion color options available are maroon, blue, black, beige, brown, grey, and purple. Darker-colored chairs tend to hide stains and require less cleaning, which is something to consider for larger congregations.

You may be thinking about how and where to find modern-day Church Chairs?

You can research online or visit the nearest stores, Like KEM-K Products, at competitive market prices. The KEM-K products is an NYS Certified Woman-Owned business and offer elegant Hercules Chair series with an array of color and size options for millennial churchgoers and the management.

Besides the difficulties due to Covid, the resilient KEM-K team coordinates with the customers 24/7 and immediately responds to requests for quotes and other inquiries through their web page and emails. They ensure on-time delivery on all orders through fast shipping modes, and they offer amazing discounts and a money return guarantee within seven days of order.

The best thing about KEM is that you can view their manufacturers so you can track the products' origin and confirm the quality. By subscribing to their weekly newsletter, you can stay updated regarding new and existing Hercules Church Chairs' design availability and special packages. They also offer NYS and GSA pricing.


Apart from the chair finish and attractiveness, the internal chair construction, the comfort of the seat, and the durability of fabric and padding materials are the main investment in chairs for your Church. These modern Hercules church chairs provide an excellent alternative to traditional pews with greater comfort and flexibility. 

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