Once upon a time, there lived on the bank of a stream, a man and a woman who had a daughter called Diana. Diana was their only child and she was as mean as she was naughty.
mother-iconMother Diana. Please help me wash the plates, dear. The soup is burning.
diana-iconDiana Wash these filthy plates? HAHAHA, you are funny, Mother!
Diana would never help her parents and instead dance and play around all day. However, one morning her mother looked so tired that even Diana could not help but ask if there was anything she could do.
mother-iconMother Would you please take the fishing-net out to the bank of the stream and mend some holes in it. As your father intends to go fishing at the crack of dawn.
diana-iconDiana Sure mother,
Diana took the net and worked so hard that soon there was not a hole to be found. She felt quite pleased with herself. Suddenly, she heard a splash and saw a big fish jump into the air. Diana immediately flung the net into the water, and more by luck than skill was successful in catching the fish in her net.
diana-iconDiana Aren’t You beautiful!
fish-1-iconFish You better not harm me, Selfish girl! Do not take me out of the water else I will turn you into a fish!
diana-iconDiana HAHAHA! You Silly fish! HAHAHAHA!
Just then Diana’s mother came out of the house.
mother-iconMother Diana, are you done with the net? Oh my! That is a beautiful fish!
diana-iconDiana I have caught it myself! And guess what? I can talk too.
mother-iconMother What?
diana-iconDiana Yes, mother and it says that if I bring it out of the water it will turn me into a fish. HAHAHA. Can you believe it?
mother-iconMother Oh, let go! Perhaps. It is skilled in magic.
diana-iconDiana No way! I am going to pull it out of the water.
Saying that Diana pulled the net out of the water, and as soon as she did that, the fish transformed into magical sparkles. It floated in the air and said,
fish-1-iconFish I tried to warn you. And now it is too late. Now you will take this form, Become a fish and in the waters, you will roam!
The magical sparkle flew away and all of a sudden, Diana turned into a fish
mother-iconMother Oh, no!! My child!! Diana!!! Noooo!!!

Diana soon felt better in the water and was able to swim to the sea, which was close by. No sooner had she reached the sea, the sight of her sad face attracted the notice of some of the other fishes. And they pressed around her, begging her to tell them her story. And so Diana told them all about what had happened.


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diana-iconDiana I am not a fish at all. but a girl. At least I was a girl a few minutes ago.
a-fish-iconA Fish

Well, if it makes you feel any better, it has happened to all of us. Cheer up and come with us and see our queen! She is the kindest and best Queen of all.

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