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travel bucket list.jpg travel bucket list in 2022

1. Downtown Dubai — Dubai

2. Leaning Tower Of Pisa — Italy

3. Pyramid Of Giza — Egypt

4. Santorini — Greece

5. Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary — Bali

6. Kirkjufell and Kirkjufellsfoss Waterfall — Iceland

7. Anse Lazio — Seychelles

8. Cheetah’s Rock — Zanzibar

9. Pearl Harbor and USS Arizona Memorial — Hawaii

10. Medellin — Colombia

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Travel Agent or Plan Your Own Vacation?.jpg Travel

Things to Keep in Mind When Deciding Whether to Use a Travel Agent

  • First of all, have they ever been in business? If not, then their track record might not be excellent. You want someone who has experience as well as an established reputation.
  • Next up is price. Travel agents tend to charge more than if you were to book through an online booking site like Expedia or Orbitz. However, some travel agencies offer better deals than others — so it’s worth checking out all offers before committing!
  • Last but certainly not least: how do they treat their customers? You must feel comfortable communicating with your travel agent and knowing they will give you honest answers about your private trip (and anything else) when needed.

Final Word:

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Travel.jpg How Traveling Can Change Your Perception of Life!

Travel and Unwind!


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insurance-policy-agreement-terms-document-concept Travel Insurance

Reasons Why You Need Travel Insurance

Delay or Cancellation of Flights

Loss of Personal Belongings

Medical Emergencies

Emergency Evacuation

Repatriation of Mortal Remains

What You Must Consider When Deciding on a Travel Insurance Plan

  • Buy your travel insurance policy when you book your ticket. This ensures that you are covered even before your travel, so you are covered if your flight gets canceled.
  • Since international medical treatments are expensive, opt for an insurance travel plan covering all possible medical contingencies.
  • Ensure all family members are covered, as an emergency could happen to any one of you.
  • Ensure deductibles or what you have to pay out of your pocket is low in case of a crisis.
  • Choose a travel insurance plan with maximum coverage at the lowest premium.
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Girl pack for travel.jpg Girl pack essential items for traveling

As a woman, you must always remember to pack a list of travel essentials for your next major vacation. Do you always overpack your bag whenever you travel? Don’t do it if you’ve had difficulties closing your bag or if you think you’ll need another one. That’s the first indication you overpacked and should repack following this list. The benefit of travelling light is that you will never have to pay additional baggage fees or stress about lost luggage again! The essential things to pack for your female travel plan are mentioned below.


You never know how long or where you’ll be waiting on the other end while enjoying your luxury tours, so it’s always better to be prepared to spend some time outside in the sun! Sunscreen is also great for preventing wrinkles and ensuring that your skin looks its best.

Menstrual cup

A menstrual cup is a great and long-lasting menstrual solution for women travelling as it allows you to engage in all kinds of vacation activities without constantly worrying about changing your sanitary pad or leaking.

Travel insurance

When you spend a lot of time and money planning your luxury toursyou want everything to go well, but let’s face it…life happens. People fall ill, accidents occur, and items are misplaced or (unfortunately) stolen. We’ve never had to file a claim with travel insurance, but we value the peace of mind knowing our trip is protected. Travel insurance is a smart idea in case anything happens. Do you know where you’ll be able to receive medical help if you get injured or become severely ill while travelling?

Power Bank

Taking a lot of images and using your smartphone for Google Maps during your travel will drain your device’s battery. You’ll be completely lost if you don’t have your phone. In conclusion, we strongly advise you to invest in a small power bank with a large battery capacity.


Aside from the great aeroplane food, it’s crucial to have something to consume to keep your energy up and hunger at bay. Passengers are usually only offered tiny cups of water, juice, or soda for the flight duration. While the plane is taking off and landing, chewing gum will help relieve some of the pressure in your ears.

Comfortable casual shoes

If you find a casual, comfortable shoe that goes with various outfits, grab it and don’t let go. For travel, these are my go-to casual slip-on shoes. They’re ideal for any type of day travel to the city. They’re also extremely lightweight and machine washable. To ensure that they last as long as possible, I always air dry them. I haven’t found a more comfortable slip-on casual shoe. There are even vegan choices available.

Makeup purse with multiple compartments

We all know how important makeup is to women and how they can’t live without it. As a result, we strongly advise you to invest in a carry-on multi-pouch travel bag that will contain all of your makeup, lotions, and Essential toiletries items in one convenient location. It simplifies everything and saves a lot of time that could be better spent enjoying the beautiful scenery!


After reading this female packing list, you’ll be prepared for your next big adventure. You may rest comfortably that you’ve packed everything you’ll need for your trip. There’ll be no late-night trips to the 24-hour store, and you will not have to go without on your wonderful vacation. Take note of all of these essential items to pack for luxury travel to ensure a peaceful and worry-free journey. Good luck with your packing!

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Summer is the perfect time to plan your next couples trip. With the impact of the pandemic slowly easing on the world, many people are eagerly looking forward to packing their bags and going on adventures with their loved ones. Relax in the lap of luxury, and let go of all work-related stress to enjoy some quiet, beautiful quality time with your partner.

The world is your oyster. The options for exploration are endless. We’re here to help you pick out the best places to choose from. Get ready to plan your trip to some of the most picturesque locations in the world, and create memories that you’ll cherish forever.

If you’re perplexed as to where to take your significant other for your next vacation, here are 6 of the most romantic places which every couple must visit this summer:

1. Santorini, Greece

Santorini, Greece
Santorini, Greece

Panoramic view with clear blue skies, sunrise and sunsets, whitewashed dome villages, and breezy winds. Visit Santorini, Greece, and add the perfect couple photos to your album. Santorini, Greece, is an exquisite, culturally-enriching romantic spot ideal for couple trips and luxury travel. The unique architectural designs throughout the city with the mesmerizing flora and fauna, and the luxurious wine culture are enough reasons to pick Santorini for your next luxury tour.

2. Maldives


The unique tagline of Maldives tourism, ‘The sunny side of life’, gives us a gist about the place. The Maldives, an archipelagic country situated in the Indian Ocean, has become one of the top honeymoon and couple vacation spots over the past 4 to 5 years. The amalgamation of exotic beaches, water sports, underwater dining, surfing, and the energetic environment makes for a perfect couples trip for adventurous and active couples around the globe.

3. Paris, France


A destination that has romance written all over it is Paris. Paris is an all too familiar name in the list of luxury travel. The Eiffel Tower, Luxembourg Gardens, and Temple of Love are ethereal spots in the city of Paris that explicitly mark it as a romantic capital of the world. It is also a perfect example of the best place to travel for the first time as a couple. Paris has been and always will be an epic honeymoon destination for young and old couples around the globe.

4. Bora Bora, Tahiti

Bora Bora
Bora Bora

Bora Bora, a small yet magnificent island in Tahiti is indeed the best option for luxury travel this summer. The island is a trending hotspot for couples, with its epic overwater bungalows, luminous lagoons, exotic beaches, coral gardens, and last but not least, fun-filled aquatic activities, which every couple would enjoy.

5. Reykjavik, Iceland


The serene atmosphere of Reykjavik, with layers of ice and enthralling natural beauty, is the best couple vacation spot for those desiring privacy, calm, and spiritually enriching experiences. Hotels with pristine views of the white nature in the day and dense, mystical darkness painted with the glorious northern lights at night make Reykjavik one of the most romantic places to visit.

6. Udaipur, India


The destination wedding capital of India is the perfect example of a luxurious romantic destination in Rajasthan. The tranquility of the lakes, palaces, royal festoons, and grandiose pichwada also known as the royal backyards, will make your trip seem like an Indian royal romantic fairytale.

Ready to take your luxury couples trip? Visit Luxe Tribes to get started!

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woman-hand-holding-camera-standing-top-rock-nature Traveling

Travelling will help you understand your strengths, interests, and weaknesses. In fact, it plays an extremely important role in human lives. To know and understand the benefits of traveling and why is traveling important for learning, go through this blog.

Due to digitalization, today’s youth has become comfortable connecting with the world only through social media platforms. They miss out on making connections and exploring the real world. But, when you plan a trip and travel, you get out of your comfort zone and experience the real world. By getting out of your comfort zone, you get to know why traveling is important for youth.

By traveling, we get exposure to all the new and local cultures worldwide. You get to learn about different cultures and cuisines. The most important part about traveling is you get to talk to and understand the local people and their perspectives. In fact, this will help you explore luxury travel destinations.

Living in the same place and doing the same work every day can make your life boring and dull. However, traveling helps you to explore the world and experience new things. When you plan a trip and visit different places, you get to know how people survive which helps in changing the perspective of your life. Also, people opt for luxury travel destinations to get more knowledge about different lifestyles.

Human lives are full of responsibilities and work. To keep developing and innovating yourself, you need to take a break from your everyday responsibilities andplan a trip. Traveling helps you to recharge yourself and freshen your mind. Hence, traveling is known as one of the best stress and anxiety relievers. You can also opt for aluxury tour to enjoy all the outstanding facilities.

When you plan a trip and start traveling, you get to know the world more closely. You also develop a sense of calmness and maturity. From planning a trip to meeting new people, you get to learn a lot of things and have new experiences. You learn how to behave in an unknown environment. So, to create unforgettable memories, you can go on luxury city trips and explore ancient heritage.