JavaScript is well-organized, high-level, interpreted language; also characterized as dynamic and prototype-based language.

Best JavaScript Frameworks

Although, when it comes to web or software development JavaScript frameworks are mostly recommended by web professionals in recent times. It’s somewhat impossible to be mastering on each and every framework in web development. Though at least you should try to know and understand more of the best JavaScript framework used by the top of acclaimed industries. As a plethora of JavaScript frameworks, testing tools, and libraries has been already explored by developers, but identifying the suitable one as per your desires it quite a monotonous task.

It is actually noticeable that JavaScript is one of popular tech-stack; moving headlong with constant modernization of new or latest skills to their repositories. Please take a look at some of the fact and figure of JavaScript:

  • Numbers of packages available on NPM: 45,343
  • Launched date: May 1995
  • As per GitHub’s survey, JavaScript is growing like anything, 2.3 M people have already acknowledged JavaScript
  • Stack OverFlow has disclosed that- the popularity of JavaScript will increase tremendously in coming six or seven years
  • Used by more than 95% of websites for being a highly paid competitor in the market segment
  • Most recommended client-side language recognized by Web technology survey


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