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St. Petersburg, Russia, April 22, 2021: The Russian Hardbass has presented a new album before the world and the 10 songs of it should get heard by every Hardbass lover. The album, 'Hardbass Russia' is a creation of the Russian artist DJ MR Alexandrovski. All the 10 songs in it are some Caribbean hardbass. Their strong tempo and electronic music is something you shall really love to dance with. The songs have some dreamy vocals also like the other Hardbass tracks.

The links to DJ MR Alexandrovski's soundtracks:

The History of Russian Hardbass, The Music Genre People Love So Much:

Hardbass is a kind of fun electronic mix. It is an internationally recognised sub-genre that had become a way to express anger for politicians throughout the globe. Russian Hardbass is a subgenre of Hardbass which is by UK hardcore, UK hard house, hardstyle and bouncy techno. Russian Hardbass had started its journey in late 1990. It was made popular by the Gopnik of Russia who came to the world's notice in 2010 after the Facebook revolution. The Russian Hardbass has a fast tempo, dreamy Slavic or non-Slavic vocals, distorted music and danceable beats. There can be some kicks and rapping also. Russian Hardbass can rock the dance party and make you move.

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