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People living on islands are suffering horribly from Climate change. Rising sea levels and stronger storms continuing to drown thousands and wash over islands with homes of the poorest of the poor.

DIGITIZE-A-NATION is building the First Climate-Tools to help Drowning-Islands:

The First Climate-Tools is the biggest move yet with helping hands to the poorest suffering the worst because of large climatic disasters, which will be far worse than the covid-19 pandemic danger above it.

Yet a silver lining an effort has been done by our informal team of Rocket -Scientist truly frenzied by needless deaths from Hurricane Dorian, as mentioned has created the First Climate-Tools to help islanders living on the front lines of Climate, helping the pending millions displaced as climate refugees.

These Rocket-Scientists apply advanced space technology engineered to survive on Mars, in a new application for all people to survive and sustain on our planet earth. Their company maintains no political agenda, no duty to any nation, organization, or outside influence. Their sustainable science program supports the agenda of UN, UN-17 points for Sustainability, UNHCR, the Red Cross, Red Crescent, Kofi Annan Foundation and all aspects of Environment Sustainable Development.

Business Contact Information:
Contact- Andrew O. Cameron
Country- USA
Website -

Business Details :

A Team of Rocket-Scientists has launched a GOFUNDME funding program named “The First Climate-Tools to help Drowning-Islands” sponsored by DIGITIZE-A-NATION.

With the Anti-Science-Anti-Climate people, there is no way our team can get support from Congress, so DIGITIZE-A-NATION requests everyone to join more and more hands towards this initiative of helping the poor and needy ones. We need at least a total of 70,000 people with a donation of $20 to make this happen. We know this is expensive (as to build tools we must rent satellites and supercomputers). But to Help the Poor Ones Is Not Less Than A Biggest Contribution Towards Humanity.

Press Release -

Covid-19 is a killer, Climate will be worse. Yet, there is a Silver Lining.
The Poorest-of-the-Poor on Drowning-Islands have new Rocket-Scientist Allies

It's true that because of Covid-19 millions of people are suffering from terrible losses. Not only this pandemic is a danger to all of us but millions of residents must flee away from massive climatic disasters too.

Recent data :
• Recent reports given by the UN Climate Adaptation Summit, because of climatic disasters, hurricanes 500,000 people have been killed, and cite a global economic loss of $2.56Trillion.

• The other report given by the UN states that 10% of the global population live on islands and more than 1000 islands will be destroyed due to the rise of sea level over the next 15 years.

• 2015 Paris Climate Accord, some wealthier nations promised to donate $100B to help the poorer nations who are suffering the most from climate, but little money arrived.

Please give as many contributions towards First Climate-Tools to help Drowning-Islands, and ask your friends to help the poor ones and forward this message to everyone looking to take our climate initiative further, to help in now and in future needed ones. We MUST do something. To do nothing is unacceptable.


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