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April 30, 2021 - If there’s one thing that has the capacity to unite the world then that’s music. Music has the power to move human beings in a way that nothing else can ever achieve. And that is why people around the world always find peace and solace in music. Whatever genre a particular music might belong to, there’s nothing more soul touching than it. This is exactly why, when an artist pours all the craft into their new album, as audience, it should be the world’s duty to support it. When it comes to the genre of hip-hop and rock, one can rest assured that there’s nothing more honest and truthful than that. Because most music of this genre is born out of real life experience and stories - so listeners almost get an autobiographical experience when they listen to such tracks. And that’s exactly what Nick Almighty has managed to achieve in his latest album titled Smokey City Raw. This album is done under the label of King 5 Music and is a true blue hip-hop/rap album that packs a punch. Listeners are sure to get hooked immediately the moment the listen to the opening track which is also titled Smokey City Raw. This album is all set to release on May 28, 2021. However, Nick Almighty being one of the most fast-rising independent hip-hop/rap artists, his fans are already getting going gaga over its impending release.

Nick Almighty, born Nicholas Bell, is from North Memphis, Tennessee. He finds peace in music and that’s his way of expressing his life’s stories and the things that he has seen in the crime-stricken neighborhood or Smokey City. After releasing his widely-acclaimed new single, ‘Iron Throne’ in April 2020, he became immensely popular within the hip-hop scene.

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