London, UK October 11, 2019: The London Raper entertainer goes now with the release of his new song as 'All About U'. As being a raper this song is very close to one connected with music. All About U is an anthem that pays great respect to rap genres and hip-hop. The thing that inspired NRVT about this anthem says-"I am inspired by embracing and searching of life, sharing and caring". That type of fascination and chasm and be listened to from 'All About U'.It has a feminist feel in it. It has a quite musical dark accompaniment. Lyrically it's quite positive and upbeat - Like hip-hop, ballad of sorts, from a guy to his girl.

'All About U'can be found on Amazon, iTunes and other online musical sources. With the label of Baggy Music Entertainment, NRVT is signed off.

The link to the song 'All About U' of NRVT :

The popularity of NRVT is at a hike:
Being passionate about music, NRVT headed towards the music industry, started it by doing some music business courses and started writing lines of what comes to his mind with great enthusiasm. NRVT has to get around with this thing one day and this makes him release new song with great talent named 'All About U'as an anthem.

About NRVT
NRVT with its great command of music has shown up its talent and proved out to be the best version of himself and soon this London University graduate became a raper.

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