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Covid-19 is a killer. Climate will be worse. Rocket-Scientists are helping Islanders.

An Independent Team of Rocket Scientists are creating the First Climate-Tools in the boldest move yet to aid the poor who suffer the greatest losses from Climatic-Disasters, that will supersede Covid-19 loses. This team helped engineer how survive on Mars, now using the same engineering to survive on our earth.

It's true that Covid-19 is causing millions of people to suffer unforeseen loss of life. This pandemic is a danger to all of us, but millions more will be forced to flee from the massive pending climatic disasters. People living on islands are suffering now. The rising sea levels are physical proof more island homes will be taken from the poorest-of-the-poor, and will force millions to become Climate-Refugees.

Recent data :
• Recent reports given during January’s UN Climate Adaptation Summit calculate Climate-Disasters have killed over 500,000 people, and created an economic loss of over $2.56Trillion and growing.

• Another report given by the UN confirm that over 10% of our global population live on islands, and over 1000 islands will be washed over by sea level rise and stronger storms over the next 15 years.

• At the 2015 Paris Climate Accord, wealthier nations promised to donate $100B to help poorer nations who will suffered the most from climate.
However, only a drop of that promised donation ever arrived.

Yet a silver lining effort is coming from a team of International Rocket-Scientists, who were truly appalled by needless deaths from Hurricane Dorian. They are creating the First Climate-Tools to help all islanders living on the front-line of Climate Change, with real tools that can help them now.

The Anti-Science Anti-Climate people have made it near impossible to find funding, so this team of International Rocket-Scientists have launched a GOFUNDME effort, asking all to join hands towards this initiative, to help the poorest-of-the-poor. Renting satellites and SuperComputers to build Climate-Tools is expensive and this effort will need 70,000 people with a donation of $20 to make it happen. Yes this is expensive, but to Help those Most at Risk on our Planet is the Biggest Contribution Towards Humanity.

The Project Funding Site is:

DIGITIZE-A-NATION is managing this effort to apply advanced space technology applications for all people to survive and sustain on our planet earth. DIGITIZE maintains no political agenda, no duty to any nation, organization, or outside influence. The DIGITIZE sustainable science program supports the agenda of UN, UN-Association of Small Island States, UN-17 points for Sustainability, UNHCR, the Red Cross, Red Crescent, Kofi Annan Foundation and all aspects of Environment Sustainable Development.

Contact Information
Contact: Andrew O. Cameron
Country: USA

Even one dollar ($1) contribution to First Climate-Tools to help Drowning-Islands is a great help. Please tell your friends, your network, your blog, to help move this message forward, for if we don’t help those facing the worst of climate now, then when do we begin to help?, after they bury more of their children? We can’t wait for things to get worse, as things will get worse. We must do something now!!


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