February 18, 2021: “Conflict, Passion, and Pain” is a book that has been penned by author Thomas Edward Poe. It is a deeply engaging love story that has been written with the premise of young love going completely out of control. High school senior Tony grew up in a rather uneventful medium-sized Midwestern town. He eventually challenged himself to go after a relationship that was far beyond his years. Tony used to feel a deep seated loneliness and fear in his life but he dealt with all of that through denial and ignorance. As a person who never had guidance and love from a normal and healthy family life, he was secretly seeking the same without fully knowing it himself.

As Tony crossed paths with Dee, his misguided desire to find love and a genuine connection eventually made things difficult for him. Soon Tony realized that Dee was the one he was waiting for all his life. In fact, both Tony and Dee were totally made for each other. While Tony and Dee shared a deep love for one another, their desire for one another was also poisoned by a passion that seemed to oscillate between emotional highs and lows as they tried to find peace and meaningfulness in their relationship. Such turbulent passions often led to unpredictable results that deeply affected both of them in crucial ways.

“Conflict, Passion, and Pain” explores the difficulties as well as the headiness of an intense passionate relationship that people often want to have and yet are apprehensive about the final outcome of such an affair. While the passion felt in such relationships definitely make people feel alive and deeply connected to one another, such emotional extremes can also leave people deeply scarred for good.

About “Conflict, Passion, and Pain”: “Conflict, Passion, and Pain” is a love story that has been written by Thomas Edward Poe. It is a tale of passion between the central characters and the way their lives were changed by their relationship.

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