London, United Kingdom (October 24, 2020) - Most people like to know how to get an Apple Music free trial without using their credit card. The website of MusConv offers information about the same, and those who wish to know about Apple Music Login without a credit card can find out all about it. 

Other than this, the MusConv website can help in transfering public artists, albums etc easily to and from Apple Music. The website mentions the various steps to using the tool for this process. It also mentions the alternative process that can help in transfering albums with convenience. It also has a video tutorial that can aid in easy migration of music data from one platform to another, with a full idea about the steps to the process. It is impossible to transfer music data and playlists otherwise to Apple Music from other music platforms. 

Users can back up all the music data to a CSV file and use it to import the music information to the website of Apple Music. The software program MusConv is available at the moment in three versions. These are Basic, Professional and Ultimate. 

About MusConv
MusConv is a software program that aids in easily transfering music data and playlists across music streaming platforms such as Spotify, iTunes and more. It helps easily migrate playlists, artists, public albums and more.

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