London, United Kingdom (October 23, 2020) - With the evolution of technology and the rise of streaming platforms, listening to music is not what it used to be – even a few years back. Today, the coming of top-notch music streaming applications like Amazon Music Unlimited and Spotify have made music in crystal clear sound and format more easily available. While there are Amazon Music Unlimited Vs Spotify debates and crazy fans for each platform, at least some music lovers both platforms, and would love to enjoy their favorite tracks and playlists on both of them. 

But a migration of playlists across music streaming platforms was not possible, until now. MusConv, a 3rd party program, helps music lovers transfer their playlists from Amazon Music Unlimited to Spotify easily, and enjoy their favorite tracks in crystal clear audio quality. 

It is possible to import many playlists and even batch playlists, from one platform to the other. Users only have to choose which source they would like to export playlists from, pick the platform to import the same to, and finally hit the button ‘Transfer’ to ensure an easy migration in just a matter of moments.

Users can get the program in 3 different versions – Basic, Professional and Ultimate. Depending on the version that is chosen, the pricing tends to differ. Regardless of the version that is chosen, users can get a money back guarantee for 30 days from the date of purchase. 

About MusConv
A useful software tool, MusConv helps in easy transfer of playlists across platforms, and storing, management and deletion of the same. 

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