London, United Kingdom (October 24, 2020) - Most lovers of Spotify are in a fix when they want to upload music to it, or migrate playlists or music data from some other music streaming platform such as Tidal, iTunes etc. This is what MusConv sets out to fix. It is a tool that can be used to upload music to Spotify. It also helps easily migrate artists, playlists, public albums etc.

This is a one of a kind software tool that aids in uploading music information to Spotify from some other music platform, in the form of a CSV file. The tool can be used on iOS as well as Windows platforms. The coming of top music streaming applications like Spotify have made music listening experience much better. Users can have music in high definition format and crystal clear sound very easily available.

This useful program can be used for backing up all the important music data to a CSV file. Then, this file can be uploaded to Spotify to import the music information to the same. The software program MusConv is available in Basic, Professional and Ultimate, three different versions. 

About MusConv
MusConv is a very useful software tool that can be used to transfer files and playlists from one platform to the other, such as Google Play Music to Spotify and vice versa. It is available for both Windows and Apple OS devices. 

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