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Hip-hop Reggae Trap sensation Wayne Dreadski, who’s well known in the party circuit for his peppy dubstep, techno, and house music and party and dance music in general, has launched his new website which will provide all his ardent fans with any information regarding his new music, Da Candyman, which will set fire to the dance floor this Fall! The new music is sure to set any party going!

The link to Wayne Dreadski’s new website:
www. Wayne

The link to Wayne Dreadski’s Artist page on Spotify:

The link to Wayne Dreadski’s podcast about “Da Candyman”, to know more about his new music:

Why is Wayne Dreadski’s new music sure to make your party a hit?

Wayne Dreadski is known for his lively music which stretches between the genres of tropical house, acid jazz, dance hall, dance-pop, hip-hop, and techno. You can also thank him for being the pioneer of dub music or dub reggae! Wayne Dreadski is also known for hits such as “Hallucinations”, “Really”, “Tropical House”, “Highroller - Reggaeton Mix” and “Terrestrial Pandemic” and has thus set the bar high for making hit new music which is sure to become popular among partygoers. His earlier albums such as “Quarantine and Isolation”, “Social Separation”, and “Rasta Rockstar” were all released between 2019 and 2020 and were huge hits. Thus the fans just can’t wait for his new music to come out!

Media Contact:
Debbie McMiller 240 Peachtree Street, NE , Atlanta GA, 30303


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