NEW YORK, NY (MAY 14, 2021) – Global Summit House announces the launch of the book ‘Praise, Worship, and Thanksgiving: Giving God What He Deserves’ by author Audrey C. A. Eccleston. When one is a Christian, and his praise changes into holy worship, what is unleashed is a great power. The book aims to motivate readers to become ardent worshippers to make sense of that great power.

This book tells readers how the children of Israel worship God using praise as a weapon of defense during Old Testament times. We find examples of this under the leadership of Jehoshaphat, Daniel, and Joshua in the Bible.

When journalists asked about the essence of the book, Audrey says, “Whenever worship and praise were employed as shown during the times of the Bible, the overwhelming presence of the Lord always meant assured triumph to the people, who are God’s children.”

The book explains the essential steps one can take to transform into a true worshipper. While explaining what praise or worship means to Christians, Audrey guides readers as to when, why, and how to appreciate and worship the great Lord.

The author provides potent truths right from the scripture for people to use, especially those who believe in God and understand the differences between appreciation and worship of the Lord. The book aims to discuss the hypothesis and practice of thanksgiving and worship. The readers need to understand the differences between the hypothesis and practice of appreciation as well.

When readers buy this book from Amazon, the text represents an essential manual on worshiping so that readers can have a full understanding of a how-to course in all that is mentioned in this book. The book comes in a paperback format and costs $9.95. If readers like to choose the kindle edition, they can buy it at just $3.85 from Amazon.

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