May 18, 2021 - Is there anything more pleasant than reading a heart-touching narrative? When one finds a book like that, nobody should let it go. Immersing oneself in books is probably one of the most wonderful feelings in the world. And that’s perhaps the best gift for any voracious reader. Carl Anderson’s book A Mother-Father Complex is an enchanting story of love that takes readers on a journey of multiple emotions through the discourse of a woman who is both a lover and a mother. The book is the epitome of craft at its finest, where it bridges the gap between prose and poetry. The topics that Carl Anderson has chosen can be found in people’s public lives, but the stories are extremely personal and subjective. This is what makes it possible for the readers to connect with them at a different level.

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Even though it’s a very thought-provoking and serious narrative, what makes it different from other works in the present day is the author’s ability to mix elements of humor in a radical way. This blend of narrative with problems of people’s daily lives is unheard of in writing. This book is not written with any age group in mind - it is perfect for people of all ages and walks of life. Carl Anderson wants to convey through this book is the fact that everybody in this world is connected to each other in some way or the other, whether they like it or not. But that’s what makes love and justice integral parts of people’s existence, and that’s something that nobody should forget.

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