HUIZHOU, CHINA (MAY 05, 2021) – Huizhou Unionwell is the leading name when it comes to manufacturing a variety of switches at the best prices. It is the China Limit Switch manufacturer, a product that is used in many settings as well as applications. These switches are durable, rugged, easy to use, and provide the best performance efficiency.

As a China Micro Switch supplier, the company deals with a variety of switches such as Rocker, Limit, and Micro switches.

The CEO of the company is delighted to bring these switches to the market. He says, “When it comes to our micro switches, they react to the changes in the setting or environment. They shut a range of shifting contacts to control a device or an appliance. Customers also like our rocker switch that is an on/off switch that rocks one side to the other when you press it. It leaves one side raised and another side depressed. All our switches are easy to set up and use.”

The China Limit Switch factory manufactures the best switches in the world. The company has a strong research and development team and is known for its extremely automated production.

About Huizhou Unionwell:
Huizhou Unionwell is based out of South China and the leader in manufacturing a range of affordable micro switches, electronic components, and modules. All of the products are assembled extensively with several brands, locally and worldwide. Unionwell covers over 22,000 sq ft. The R&D team has professionals and technicians with experience of more than 20 years.

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Media Contact:
Huizhou Unionwell
Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, China
Telephone: (+86)-0752-6236969


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