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(May 08, 2021) - Sound of animals, fresh milk, and a warm breeze in the afternoon; all of these are what you can experience in the farming culture. Bringing the farm to your imagination through a book is a great idea! Definitely, it can enthuse readers in revisiting life on the farm one day. Eventually, they will appreciate how life can be wonderful in this simple life of growing plants and caring for farm animals. Fortunately, authors like Earnest Hooks Jr. decided to publish one that features the farming culture.

“Let's Go See Mother Wilkerson's Farm: Adventures in Learning Excellence” are meant for both children as well as adults who are generally unaware of the farming culture as it was during the early 20th century. The books provide scenarios that are teaching experiences that are seen via the eyes of Mother Lizzie Wilkerson and the extraordinary and unique art created by her. This means that the book's readers can learn about the history of farming through the unique art that Mother Lizzie Wilkerson has created. They can also work to seek the details for all of the paintings by the numbers.

In addition, knowing how to grow one's food that makes use of advanced technology makes the book more valuable in practical life. For instance, readers can know about a milk churning machine, a well, a sausage-making device, and a rub-board, all of which are explored through the striking depictions of the artist. In Volume 1 or the Art and History Adventures, readers can explore the farming culture that existed 100 years ago and delve deep into the excitement of going back to that time. Volume 2 of the series, Enterprise, takes the reader through the traditional model of a farm. It also shows how a farm enterprise came up with new enterprises starting from the classic lemonade stand to electronics, architecture, or fashions.

Community gardens in the urban area are becoming a trend in most countries. Hence, we encourage teachers and parents to offer the eager learners experience in growing and enjoy eating vegetables, such as tomatoes, they have grown. It is a lot more common to eat one's produce from one's hands.

Nevertheless, the book has beyond to offer than just an idea of simple farming. It makes you appreciate the history, the technological farming tools, and the goal for sustainable living through learning the basics of farming. Learn more about Let's Go See Mother Wilkerson's Farm: Adventures in Learning Excellence, visit

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