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APRIL 29, 2021 - There is no doubt that the world will be a much better place to live in if more and more people started to read books. Books make human beings humbler and expose themselves to different narratives, which forces people to think more. When the world is going through difficult times, books are a great way for people to escape the harsh realities and find a space for themselves, where they can spend quality time in introspection. And that's exactly what Lee H. Johnson has achieved through her book, Hope's Lantern: A Journey of Love.

Lee H. Johnson has proven her mettle as a writer many times, thanks to her previous works, The Stranger and A Rookie's Daughter. Hope's Lantern: A Journey of Love, couldn't have come at a better time, as it's exactly what the world needs right now. The book's premise is that of a little boy, Harry, who learns of his mother's terminal illness. But before she is gone, she teaches him the value and importance of kindness through the analogy of her flowers. The book later gets into the life of Harry once he grows up. But what it manages to truly achieve is inspire readers to be more kind by showing them how important it is. In a world where there's so much negativity going around, this book truly comes as a ray of hope to show readers that goodness goes a long way.

Hope's Lantern: A Journey of Love is available for purchase in Kindle, hardcover, and paperback versions for 3.99 USD, 8.01 USD, and 4.81 USD, respectively. Interested readers can purchase this book from Amazon by following this link here

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