FUJIAN PROVINCE, CHINA (JUNE 03, 2021) - Fujian Jiaweian Material Technology Company Limited launches the best-quality period, menstrual, and sanitary napkins for modern women of the country. The company’s period diaper helps in minimizing infection and its advanced technology, one-way diffusion, and dry, non-overturn osmosis reduces bacterial infection to a considerable extent.

Fujian’s menstrual diaper is the best women can get and that too at affordable prices. The product is perfect for postpartum, ensuring professional and private care. Women trust this sanitary napkin because the product is formaldehyde, fragrance, and flourescer-free, which makes it the best in the market.

The CEO of the company says, “All period diapers feel fresh, soft, dry, and clean to touch. They are ideal for portable packing so that you can carry them in your bag whether commuting to work or traveling. The best part of our products is that they are free of contamination, meticulously tested, and leave the factory after tested by professionals. We do not compromise when it comes to women’s health and hygiene.”

The company also sells adult diapers and sanitary napkin panties that are extremely comfortable to wear. Today, the demand for adult diapers is also ever-increasing and more brands are opting for OEM processing.

Fujian’s products have succeeded to capture the adult diaper market because it sells nothing but quality diapers, sanitary napkin panties, period diapers, or menstrual diapers. That is why customers prefer Fujian’s sanitary products and not those of the competitors.

The company makes the best use of advanced technologies, which are scientifically viable backed by research-based technology and a national-level certification. The company has cleared the ISO9001:2015 quality management certification together with USA FDA sanitary registration. The company specializes in selling hygiene products for a decade.

About Fujian Jiaweian Material Technology Company Limited:
Fujian is based out of Wanan Street, Fujian province in China, and the leading name when it comes to sanitary napkins, adult diapers, and sanitary napkin panties. The company has bought a new machine in the year 2018, one of the most progressive machine models in the country, specializing in the manufacturing of period diapers, adult training pants, and sanitary napkin panties.

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Fujian Province, China.
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