NEW YORK, NY (APRIL 30, 2021) – Global Summit House announces the launch of the book Love Poems for Mary authored by Stephen Perez. It is a book to celebrate love, companionship, and fondles for the beloved. Everyone who is in love should read this book of beautiful poems. The book is available in Amazon in paperback, Kindle format and priced at $14.95 and $3.83 respectively. The book has 28 pages and is an enjoyable read for people who are in love.

When reporters asked Stephen what is the content of his book, he says, “I wrote the poems to Mary just to show her how I felt about her and how special she is to me. These are poems about a woman, I was seeing for some time. The book is special because the words and poetry came straight from my heart to let her know how I feel about her. She is my inamorata. My target audiences are all those people who are in love and my message to them is if you love someone, you do all things possible to let the person know that you love her, how you feel about her.”

The author says that he met Mary at the Corpus Christie Truck Stop. He is a truck driver by profession and works as a contractor to the post office at Corpus Christie, Texas.

Global Summit House is the platform that provides opportunities to even newbie writers and poets like Stephen. People who are in love and have creative writing skills can publish their book of poems through this platform.

Stephen says, “I am a simple man and my love for Mary is true. It is all that matters to me and that is why I decided to publish my books of poems to let her know how much I love her. People in love should be brave and confess their love for their beloved.”

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