NEW YORK, NY (APRIL 29, 2021) – Global Summit House announces the launch of the book Healing Mind: Five Steps to Ultimate Healing, Four Rooms for Thoughts: Achieving Satisfaction through a well-managed Mind authored by Janice L. Mcdermott. The book is available in paperback, hardcover, as well as in kindle format and costs $15.99, $33.95, and $3.85 respectively.

Healing Mind is a book that describes the ways to organize the thought process of people so that one can awaken him to his complete self. When it comes to people’s life stories, it comprises mindful and comatose thinking. The way people think has a profound effect on health and satisfaction, as well as, disorder and ailments.

When journalists asked Janice about what readers should expect in the pages of the book, she says, “In my book, you will become your therapist and that is what the pages are all about, to be honest. The use of practical tools is the best to self-heal and overcome numerous spiritual and emotional problems. Readers will understand how to approach their past as well as future after reading through the pages. That is the best way to heal and learn from life’s many experiences.”

The book delves deeper into theological and psychological ideas and notions that combine successfully than ever to build outstanding inner peace for all people – religious as well as non-religious people all over the world. The outcome after reading the book is to attain inner peace, human freedom, and a one-off way to overcome the challenges of life through deep love and caring.

“Today, most of us stop is from living a happy life, as they are too busy with work. Consequently, they forget to address their suppressed emotions. Avoid being like most people and make sure you feel your concealed unsolved physical anxiety and modify things about yourself that do not benefit you,” the author cites.

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