New York, NY (April 29, 2021) – Global Summit House announces the launch of yet another popular book 'Narwhal' authored by Margaret Gill, an award-winning writer. The book is about the Isle of St. Hellicks, a fictional Scilly isle inhabited by a small, historically close-knit group of people. The community is extremely suspicious of strangers. When the Edmond family settle on the island setting up their own self-sufficient business and educating their own children, they arouse the hostility of the islanders.

Margaret is a gifted writer and has many awards and accolades to her credit. Her writing is unique because it has a beautiful lyrical style. When it comes to her talent for describing things, it is one-off and unparalleled. She writes an interesting tale in 'Narwhal', which is extremely sensitive as well as thought-provoking. She keeps her readers hooked until the last page of the book. She cares about attention to detail and understands human feelings in a deep way.

The author has won awards for many of her other novels, and especially for 'Narwhal'which won the Indie Excellence Award, was Finalist in the Eric Hoffer Award, and received the Dan Poynter and UKA Press awards.UKA Press quoted, 'Wonderful writing -we loved it: fresh, vivid, textured, brilliantly atmospheric.'

When asked about the key premise of this book, Margaret says, "The main focus of this book is the need to respect people and the differences between them. . Society often does not support individuals, who think and act in eccentric ways. It is the malaise of any society when it cannot accept people who are different or dare to go against the grain. Society's malaise is the major focus in many of my books, such as 'Brain Changers'and its award-winning sequel 'Secret of the Scrolls'

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