New York, NY (May 20, 2021) - The beauty industry is up for a major disruption thanks to RSViP, the hair salon app. This groundbreaking app, has made people realize that the best appointment scheduling app is not just one that lets people book slots, but also helps them make informed decisions. RSViP saw this major gap in the way beauty appointments were made and created this hair salon booking app. The app is particularly useful for those who are new in a city and need to find a professional that they can trust. Since word of mouth is not an option when one doesn’t know anybody around them, reviews and certifications are of great help. However, this is what was lacking in the industry and that’s exactly how RSViP helps customers. With this haircut appointment app, users can get instant access to the best stylists and beauty professionals around them and get a confirmed appointment immediately. This was never possible ever sometime back.

How does RSViP LLC make it so easy?
RSViP makes finding the next beauty professional just tap of their barber appointment booking app away. For the longest time, this industry has not been consumer-focused. People were at the mercy of the salons when it came to getting an appointment slot. The freedom to fit an appointment into their daily schedule was never there. However, this situation is now quickly changing because of RSViP’s approach by keeping the consumers in the foreground and giving the power back in their hands. Now consumers will be able to decide when they would want to go for their wellness service - be it a haircut, a relaxing massage, or getting their favorite tattoo.

RSViP gives instant access to promos and discounts, and lets users securely pay for services conveniently from a device of their choice. Users can choose from a diverse selection of luxury salons, massage therapist, highly-rated barbers, professional hairstylist, skilled make-up artists, fitness trainers, and so much more. This means, those who want to keep trying new wellness services and professionals, they can do so immediately without embarking on the process of conducting an unending research. This is because, with RSViP, users get to connect with highly qualified, thoroughly vetted, and instantly accessible beauty professionals.

In addition to this, RSViP gives users access to the price list, reviews and certifications, promotions and rewards, the option to pay and tip through the phone, manage time efficiently, and more. This means, users can bid farewell the days of those annoying texts and phone calls and sit back and relax for their next beauty appointment. For those who need further information about how they operate, they can find that on their official website here at

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