New York, NY (May 19, 2021) - Even though the world is progressing by leaps and bounds, it’s quite amusing how certain things have not developed at that pace. Getting a beauty appointment scheduled is one of those things. A lot of it is due to the lack of a hair salon app that can help clients schedule appointments at their fingertips. Until now, people had to rely on calling their salon or fill a complicated form only to hope that their appointment is scheduled. However, everybody knows that due to the lack of a barber appointment booking app, this age old process can be swarmed with a lot of uncertainties. This gets even more difficult when dealing with elderly clients who do not have the physical capacity to wait for long hours at the salon to get a treatment.

What if someone is struggling with fatigue and needs a massage? The purpose of a massage gets defeated if they have to wait for hours or days to get a confirmation on the service. In order to take this complexity out of the booking process, RSViP LLC was formed. RSViP is a hair salon booking app that lets users book appointments anytime of the way. Whether they want to get a fabulous haircut done, or want a manicure or pedicure, need a great hair wash, want a relaxing massage, and everything in between, RSViP makes all of this possible.

What makes RSViP different?
The USP of RSViP is not just in the fact it makes booking beauty services easy. It is also because RSViP caters to the modern customers’ unique needs. With safety and hygiene becoming a growing concern, RSViP ensures that customers are able to opt for every beauty service with peace of mind. The app helps people find professionals that take the necessary precautions while delivering great service. And they take this a notch higher by opting contactless payment and tipping options which is a must-need at this day and age. They ensure that customers find staff that:

Wear N-95 masks and change those frequently
Sanitize hands after serving each client
Call in sick when not well
Self isolate themselves in case of flu like symptoms
Wear protective gloves

Customers get the liberty to choose a salon that

Provides sanitizers
Keeps floors clean
Keeps all equipment well-sanitized
Disinfects chairs after each use
Empties garbage pails regularly

Until RSViP, users didn’t have an option to get instant access to a diverse selection of luxury salons, massage therapist, highly-rated barbers, professional hairstylist, skilled make-up artists, fitness trainers. But now, all that’s possible just through this app that comes free of cost.

RSViP LLC simplified and transformed how people schedule their regular beauty and wellness service routines through a single free scheduling app that’s safe, secure, and convenient. More information about how they operate can be found on their official website here at

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