TIANJIN, CHINA (MAY 24, 2021) – Tanghai Valve introduces a double eccentric butterfly valve for numerous applications. These are used in several applications including metallurgy, petrochemical, mechanical equipment, electric energy, water treatment, urban pipe network, and many more.

When asked about the efficiency of these valves, the spokesperson of the company says, “We manufacture high-performance butterfly valve, especially used for the drainage of water in power plants, water plants, chemical industry, steel smelting, environmental facility construction, and water source engineering to name a few. Our products are of the best quality and have many applications uses.”

The company makes a double offset butterfly valve, which is CE-marked conforming to the European Pressure Equipment Directive or PED 97/23/EC. They are obtainable in ANSI Class 150/300 and for fire-tight and standard construction.

Customers opt for a double eccentric high-performance butterfly valve for many reasons. The major reasons include excellent control features, wide range, inherent flow features modified to similar percentage, typical lugged-style valves perfect for bi-directional dead-end service, tight shut-off option even under controlled applications, and easy to maintain.

double eccentric HP butterfly valve is available in a wide range of materials for multiple uses and applications.

About Tanghai Valve

Tanghai Valve is an experienced, professional marine valve company and includes a butterfly valve, knife gate valve, check valve, and more. The company has many certifications to its credit including ISO, CE, DNV Foundry, as well as product approval. The manufacturer now has its individual research and development, production, assembly, as well as warehouse facilities.

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