Katlehong, South Africa (September 30, 2019) - Paseka ‘Mboro’ Motsoeneng has always been associated with luxurious lifestyle, flashy sports cars and bodyguards. He is a self-proclaimed resurrection pastor, who claimed to have unnatural powers and ability to heal maladies and even expel demons from souls. But, he was also caught on some stunts, which were not just shocking but rather rude for the entire pastor community.

One such incident took place when he intentionally put his fingers on the genitals of two women, and claimed that he was trying to free the demons from their bodies. These tactics are actually forcing him to move towards the status of fake pastor and for good reasons. 

it took place on April 30th 2011, while performing a service, the fake prophet Motsoeneng shocked thousands of his congregates by attempting a ritual to banish evil spirits in a way that “resembles porn movies,” as per local newspaper. While looking closely at the ritual, Motsoeneng was seen inserting his fingers into vaginas of two female congregants, after they claimed to have been possessed by demons.

The South African news were quite notorious in taking notes of detailed information and everything that happened in that meet and even criticized this demon-banishing practice by Motsoeneng. They actually labeled him as “pervert” with further accusations of being a manipulator and a fraud. 

As per the newspaper, pastor Motsoeneng was used to perform such staged and controlled situations on weekend TV show. This act was not doubt strange and has participated into resurrection of various controversies, alleged miracles portrayed by Motsoeneng on Soweto TV weekly shows. 


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