Zebediela, Limpopo (September 30, 2019) - Lethebo Rabalgo is mainly a self-proclaimed resurrection pastor, who caused plenty of buzz on social media when he was in power. He got maximum attention from the crowd when he intentionally started spraying Doom pesticides on skin and faces of his followers. This work placed charges of assault against his name. After doing this task, he got the name of doom pastor, who was known to have violated the Agricultural Stock Remedies Act as per court ruling. 

Despite all the accusations made against thifake pastor, he further insisted that be used that in 2016 for a method of curing HIV and cancer. After looking deeply into the court matters, legal complicated started when five people laid assault charges against his name. The magistrate told the media that the plaintiffs, “were directly sprayed on their faces with insecticides called Doom.” to top it all, multiple victims have suffered from some major side effects, which later persisted for many months, after the incident took place.

The original doom story of this fake prophet dated back to 2016 when he, Rabalago, proclaimed him to be the leader of the Mount Zion General Assembly Church. He became apprehended when social media became busy with few pictures showing him using this insect repellant for healing congregates from so many diseases. Rabalago replied back to those commends stating, “It was just an act to glorify God.” When he was asked about the woman with eye infection on whom he sprayed doom, he smartly replied, “That woman is fine because she believed in act of god.”

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