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Abu Dhabi, UAE (August 01, 2019): A very successful businessman based in the United Arab Emirates, Khaled Al Badie is the CEO of ABG. He is one of the key persons running the organization. 

At present, he is the Managing Director of the North Trading Establishment, Al Badie Travel Agency, South Trading Establishment and North Property Management Establishment; Chair of the Finance & Investment committee and Projects Owners committee. He is also the Chief Financial Officer of the group. As Chair of the Investment committee and Vice Chairman of the Al Ain Al Ahlia Insurance Company, Badie has focused on steady economic growth and management for the Al Badie Group.

Badie claims that other than his discipline and efficiency in time management, his ability to build a strong team in each domain has proved to be very useful for him in getting success in handling administrative positions in so many concerns of the group. He thanks his team, as also his own impeccable educational background. He has been an alumni of George Washington University, located in Washington DC in the USA, and had studied MSF in Financial Management there. 

About Khaled Al Badie
Mr. Al Badie is the CEO and Vice President of ABG and is also a key member of its Board of Directors. He believes that the private sector can contribute a lot to the development of a place as well as of the entire country, and drives his team to the best direction. 

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Media Contact:
Mr. Khaled Al Badie
Address: 3790 Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Phone: +9712-4044333