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Abu Dhabi, UAE (August 01, 2019): MrKhaled Al Badie is a part of the Al Badie Group (ABG), he has been instrumental in taking several important decisions and acting on them, which has ensured the continued success and growth of his organization. He has generated employment for many people in the UAE. 
Badie has a strong academic background that makes him able to handle many positions with ease. He has done his high schooling from the Choueifat International School, Abu Dhabi. He has undergone a Special course in Political Science from England’s Richmond University. He is a BA dual major from the Chapman University in California in Business Management and Economy. He has also done MsF in Financial Management in Washington DC, USA, from the eminent George Washington University.

At present, Badie gets support from a very strong team of employees and other CEOs and Board of Directors, each of whom comes with the best and most qualified professionals and having qualifications such as MBA and PhD. His powerful business decisions, along with his planning ability, has helped the conglomerate grow and taste success in many varied domains that are a part of the group – such as Insurance, Real Estate and Healthcare. 

About Khaled Al Badie
Mr. Al Badie is the CEO, VP and one of the directors of the ABG. He began to play an active role immediately after joining the organization, and has risen to managerial levels through all the stages of growth in the group. 

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Media Contact:
Mr. Khaled Al Badie
Address: 3790 Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Phone: +9712-4044333